Friday, September 9, 2016

End of the week thankfulness!!!

First of all, I'm thankful for my NEW NEPHEW...
Isn't he absolutely ADORABLE??? He has the cutest double chin and he was born three weeks EARLY but STILL weighs as much as his big sister did when she was born...sooooo basically, he's A GINTY...ALL THE WAY!!! LOL  I think he looks like his daddy!!!
I'm thankful I got to enjoy this play tonight!!! It was a mystery, comedy annnnnd clean, ALL IN ONE!!! We had such a blast!!! It was like a LIVE CLUE GAME!!! WHODUNNIT????

Played at Grand Canyon State University and only $9...You can STILL go see it SATURDAY AND between church services...Look HERE!!!
I'm thankful for CUUUUUUUTE SHOES...
I'm thankful for GOOD, CLEAN BOOKS!!! This book was VERY GOOD and I HIGHLY RECCOMEND IT!!! The audio version was good buuuut it can NOT out do THE ACTUAL BOOK!!! READ IT!!!
 I'm thankful for some weight loss...16 pounds....woot, woot!!!
 I'm thankful for the Amish Cook book my mom gave me several years ago for Christmas, it is something I will always treasure. I sat there this week thinking of all the time we spent together baking and going through recipes...I'm gonna make her proud!!! :)))
I'm thankful for my creative Bible Journal...I LOVE IT!!!
My God is soooooo good!!! Annnnnnd what all are YOU thankful for my friends????
♥Mary Frances :)