Thursday, September 8, 2016

When I felt like an adult!!!!

Soooooooo there's this Christian radio station that I like to listen to in my car, weeeeeellll pretty much cuz the CD player is BROKEN...surprise, surprise, LOL!!! Anywayz, they'll like ask these random questions in the afternoon and have listeners call in with their answers in between songs!
One day, the question was, WHEN did you FIRST feel like an adult??? And I remember sitting there in the car, in my early 30's and thinking,
You know, when kids come to you, your just like, REALLY???
AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Soooooo ME!!! ;))))
I don't know why I felt that way! I'm moved out, I work, I drive, I pay bills, I travel by myself...I don't even have a curfew...buuuuut I STILL don't feel like an adult!!! However, recently, with my mom's death, it hit me, I think I ACTUALLY feel like an adult now. I'm not sure WHY, perhaps its just because it hit me, I'm doing this, I'm DOING what my mom wanted me to do, BUT without her! I wish I wasn't doing this WITHOUT her, buuuuut I AM, because she prepared me so well to be able to!!!
I'm going to church, i'm living for GOD, WITHOUT HER!!! IT's what she always wanted me to do, AND I was doing, but the difference is that I could stop now and she would never know! I would never have to worry about her being saddened or disappointed in my decision...buuuuuuuuuuut THIS IS MY DECISION!!! This IS the life I CHOOSE TO LIVE!!! NOT because I HAVE to! NOT because I don't want to disappoint or please anyone! BUT because THIS is the life I WANT TO LIVE!!! I always said it before, AND TRULY MEANT IT!!! Buuuuuuuuuut NOW IT'S REAL...annnnnd soooo NOW for the first time I can say that...
I feel like an ADULT!!
Sooooooo it basically feels the same...BAHAHA!!!!
Okaaaaaaaaaaaay we ALL know that I'll always be an ADULT CHILD, buuuuuut Heeeeeeey I AM A CHILD OF GOD and I'll NEVER be to adulty for that!!! Hee, hee!!!
♥Mary Frances :)