Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Which PUMPKIN???

Soooooo this week I got out all of my sister's FALL decorations, she collects these pumpkins that we arrange on the kitchen table,  every year she adds to the collection, buuuuuut this year there was sooooo many there was actually no room left to eat at the kitchen table!!! LOL I think we need a coffee table for the living room because then we could put stuff on there too!!!
Anywayz, it was a lovely time I had with myself decoration, I warmed up some spiced apple cider from Trader Joe's, which I HIGHLY RECCOMEND, and listened to Adventure's in Odyssey as I decorated!!! (Btw: Its sooooo cool on the AIO club now, when you play the albums from the desktop, it plays THE WHOLE ALBUM ALL THE WAY THROUGH, you can just go about the house doing whatever and listen for HOURS...I LOOOOOVE IT!!!)
I thought my decorating turned out quite NICE!!! Notice how the blessings sign from our living room is in the background, I thought that looked pretty cool!!!
Can you guess WHICH pumpkin is MY CONTRIBUTION to the arrangement???
If you guessed the pink, sparkly, sequined one on the end, YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!!! Your reward is that YOU get to go BUY YOURSELF a PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE and drink it in MY HONOR!!! Yes, your welcome, VERY WELCOME!!! :)))))
 ♥Mary Frances :)