Saturday, October 1, 2016

Happy Birthday!!!

I just wanted to say Happy, Happy, HAPPPPPPPY BIRRRRTHDAY to my big sister!!!
A good daughter, a good mom, a good sister and a good friend!!! My eating, theatrics and shopping of these days we'll add in EXCERCISE...LOL!!! When I need to Git er DONE, I go to my big sis!!! I'll never forget when my mom was in the nursing home, I had spent the night with her and in the morning the nurse was NOT ON IT with getting her pain meds and she told him that she was in soooo much pain IF he didn't get her the medicine within an hour she was going to have her daughter call the office and turn him in! He just looks over in my direction with this, Oh-wow-I'm-so-NOT-scared-of-your-daughter look on his face! My mom just looked at him and then she says, NOT her, MY OTHER DAUGHTER!!! LOL!!!
"I have a BIG SISTER and I'm not afraid to use her!!!

I LOVE this picture of us!!! We took it because we were randomly both matching each other, but then when we looked at the pic we laughed cuz even matching the picture shows how truly different we are from each other!!! IN LOOKS AND PERSONALITY!!!

Happy Birthday T!!!
I love you!!! pURRRRR!!!
Love your Little Sister!!!
♥Mary Frances :)
P.S. She's STILL single if anyone is interested in becoming my brother-in-law you can turn in an application to me at

♥Mary Frances :)