Friday, September 30, 2016

End of the week thankfulness!!!

I'm thankful for HIKING!!!! This evening I HIKED sooooo high up the mountain, I woulda gone higher buuuuuut it was getting to dark out, I figured it probably was unsafe! I pretty much hiked back in the pitch black...Oooops! LOL
 Annnnnnd this meme cracked me up!!!
My sis-in-law makes THE BEST!!!
Buuuuuut REALLy, I am just thankful for FILIPINOS!!! They pride themselves in being THE FRIENDLIEST ASIANS and truly THEY ARE!!! And with that being said about Filipinos,
Ain't she adorable!?!?!
 Photo: Simplicity is beauty!!!!
Really, she's super sweet and I've been enjoying talking with you girly!!!
I'm thankful for MY TWIN FRIEND!!!
Seriously, don't we look so much alike???
 Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd I'm superrrrr thankful for these adorable cherry sandals!!! I have been wanting them for soooooooooooo LONG and they were completely out of them EVERYWHERE!!! All stores and online and nothing on ebay OR Amazon, then LO AND BEHOLD, when I'm NOT looking, I see them at 75% off. they were soooooo CHEAP!!! Annnnnnd did I say I LOVE THEM???
 I'm thankful to Seth Cleveland and Pastor Abbott for putting on all new door handles, inside and out for me!!! It was getting a little rough makin everyone crawl in from the driver's side and it was EVEN ROUGHER buckling in babies...LOL!!!
 I'm thankful for this book, its been years since I had read it but it was so good to reread!!!
 This next book, "To Kill A Mockingbird" made me sooooooooo SAD!!! I am soooooooooo THANKFUL that we don't live in the 60's OR THE SOUTH!!! I'm thankful that we don't have a "White Store" and a "black store" Or a black church and a white church, and that we don't have to live in separate parts of town anymore!!!  I'm sooooo thankful that its no longer ILLEGAL for two people with different skin colors to marry each other!!!! I'm so thankful that a dark-skinned person doesn't have to always go out the back door! Yes, there is still so much prejudice and racism in this world, but I guess that's just another thing that makes me thankful for heaven, THERE WILL BE NO MORE PREJUDICE!!!
I'm thankful for WEIGHT LOSS!!!
I hope you all had a FANTASTIC WEEK!!! Don't forget to find things to be thankful for!!! God's blessings are EVERYWHERE!!!
♥Mary Frances :)