Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Another reminder...

As my mom was getting sicker and weaker in her body, I knew that her time with us was limited and that she would soon be leaving us. Other than being absolutely devastated that I would be losing my beloved mother, there was this burning desire to know, beyond a doubt that my mom was truly ready for heaven. Now I know people reading this are probably thinking, HOW could you even question it???
BUT my mom was THE FIRST PERSON to always say, you never TRULY KNOW what is in a person's heart, ONLY GOD DOES!!! I know that my mom would NOT have been mad or hurt by my wondering. In fact, BECAUSE of God showing me she was ready, I was even able to reassure her that she was indeed ready to meet her creator!!!
In desperation, I begged and pleaded and cried out to God to show me that she was indeed ready to meet Him. There were several incidents that happened BEFORE she died that let me know that INDEED she was ready to meet her savior face to face, I will share those moments with you in another time...
Today I want to share with you all a scripture I noticed in our Sunday morning Bible reading at church...

Psalm 92
Just another reminder to to me, that my mom TRULY was a righteous woman of God!!! For it was just a year or so before she died that her witness got through to Bro. Earl, an elderly man in our church!!! Seeing this scripture on Sunday was just another answer to the prayer I had prayed before her death!!! How awesome is it, that even now, God would give me AGAIN that reassurance that she was right with him!!! I'm Thanking God TODAY for yet another reminder!!! Thank you Jesus for truly caring about the fears and hurts of your people!!!
♥Mary Frances :)