Friday, February 17, 2017

Happy One Year In Heaven Mommy poo!!!

I can't imagine how  awesome of a year this has been for you Mom,
I had this dream that you were with us again mom, but in this dream you had a brand new body and you were moving around like you'd never had an ache or pain in your life, and I was like, MOM, you were so sick, I thought for sure you were going to die it was like a horrible dream and now look at you, your healthier than me and you didn't say anything, you just smiled. Then I woke up and I was like, NO it's true, she really was that sick, and she really is dead! But then I realized, NO it's true, YOU REALLY DO HAVE A NEW BODY and YOU REALLY ARE ALIVE WITH JESUS!!! Congratulations Mom, ONE LIFE here on earth, sold out to Jesus and you now have what NO medicine, no surgery, no diet or exercise plan could ever give  you here on earth!!! 
Over and over again, I think of you, a day doesn't pass without me wondering what you are doing. There are times when I think I would do ANYTHING, for just ONE MORE moment with you, but then I remind myself not to be selfish because you are with Jesus, in an unfathomable Joy that my human mind could never comprehend. No matter how many tears I may cry, I would never want you to leave your reward.
Because of YOU MOM, I can make it, because of YOU MOM, I have a hope, BECAUSE OF YOU MOM, I have someone that I can go to with every care, Because of YOU MOM, I've got Jesus!!! THANK YOU MOM!!!
♥Mary Frances :)