Monday, February 20, 2017

Happy Birthday MOM!!!

In honor of my moms birthday, i hiked a really big, BIG MOUNTAIN today you guys!!!
I know I go hiking just about everyday, it's my form of excercise that I greatly enjoy, buuuuuut in honor of my mom I wanted to go above and beyond my usual hike!!! last time I did this one was in October and it took me 2.5 hrs to get up, today it only took me 1.5!!! an hour less...big improvement!! A grand total, with going up and down, breaks annnnnnnd talking to people, YES I LOVE TO TALK TO EVERYONE, you do not walk by MARY, without a greeting, hee, hee, for a grand total of 3 hrs! It was a lot easier I must say!!! I was hiking and in my head I was like, OH it's going to be SOOOOOO much longer till I get to the top, then these ladies were coming down and we greeted each other and they were like, OH your doing great, not to much longer and you'll be to the top! I was like, WHAAAAAT??? I haven 't even been hiking that long this time...I was pretty SIKED!!!
At the top of the mountain, I found a guy to take pics of me...hee, hee, And I was like, SOOOOO EXCITED telling him about how the last time I had done this mountain was back in October and that it took me 2.5 hrs and that today it only took me 1.5 to get to the top! He was like, WOW, you've lost a HOUR, that's AWESOME!!! Then I asked him if he's ever hiked Camelback Mountain? He said he had, so I asked him how much harder that hike was than this one, and he said it WAS harder buuuuuuut he thought I would definitely be able to do it!!! He was like, If you could do this mountain, you can CRUSH CAMELBACK!!! He said that its just LONGER, but the ability level is basically the same!
Anywayz, happy birthday MOM, my birthday present to you, I'M GETTING HEALTHY, just what you always wanted!!! Looooooove you mommy poo!!! PURRRRRRRRRR!!!
♥Mary Frances :)
P.s. Thank you for always purring back at me, for enjoying my MARYNESS and for always loving me,  FOR ME!!! :)))