Monday, May 15, 2017

April Weight Loss Update!!!

Sooooooooooooo I ALMOST got down to 279, buuuuuuuuuuut didn't quite make it...GRRRRRRRRRR!!!
 OH YES, annnnnnd remember HOW the last time I wore this jacket I couldn't button it all the way up????

Soooooo i'm kinda like, INTO drinking TEA in the mornings now, Earl Grey Lavender with the All Natural, Sweet Cream, Creamer, its soooooooooooooo THE BEST!!!

My friend Courtney told me the other day that when her Fit Bit goes off during church, that she has made her 10,000 step,  it makes her worship even harder!!! BAHAHAHAHA!!!
Sooooooooooooooooooo my collar bone is starting to show, YES, this is on my weight loss goals, hee, hee!!! It's soooooooooo CUUUUUTE I just LOOOOOOVE IT!!!
I was going to take a pic of me kissing it buuuuuuuuut, alas, you all would NOT be able to see my collar bone if I posted a pic of me lip-locked with it!!! AHAHAHAAAAAA!!!

I can't say enough about these oats, they are soooooooooooooo GOOOOOOD!!!
The ONLY thing I would change about them is the price...they could stand to be a little bit cheaper!!!

Hiking with Denae while she was in town at Look Out Mountain...
I think she was pretty impressed with my hiking skills...hee, hee!!!
Btw: Denae said I made her THE BEST bowl of oatmeal she has ever had!!! I use steel cut oats, like THE REAL DEAL that takes 20 minutes to boil, not just a zap in the micro...LOL
Sooooooooooo you know your fluffy when, EVEN AFTER WEIGHT LOSS SURGERY, YOU STILL eat more than Denae Abbott...liiiiiike she couldn't finish her lil bowl of oatmeal, buuuuuut I finished mine!!! BAHAHAHA!!!
Soooooooooo I also made my own homemade granola...
And a yogurt parfait...pretty bomb I must say!!
I'm trying to make the way I eat and live in general, a healthy life style, NOT a diet!!! Not something where I feel like, I can't do this foreverrrr and when I go off I just binge and go crazy and then won't even eat meat cuz I think of it as "DIET' food!!!
You wanna know something WEIRD??? I actually WANT and crave MEAT NOW...I neverrrrrr did that before...its WEIRD!!! I'm like, Ummmmmmm MEAT!!! LOL

I had been TRYING to convince myself that reeses crunchers were HEALTHY, buuuuut I didn't win with the convincing of myself, bahahaha!!!
More hiking...
Basically, I stay VERY active, I NEVERRRRR thought I'd be an OUTDOORSY kind of girl, buuuuut I guess I REALLY am and I just NEVERRRR knew it!!!
It's sooooo COOL that I'm the one that's tryint to always PUSH people to go hiking, come on lets go when your in town, I'll take to the best mountains...I MEAN, ME MARY, WANTS TO GO HIKING...IT'S WEIRD!!! Liiiiiiike I actually think I may enjoy HIKING NOW, as much I do eating!!! BAHAHAHAHA!!!

Annnnnnnnnnnnnd OF COURSE, still looking good, ALWAYS, hee, hee!!!

Wait till you guys all hear about what I started doing THIS MONTH OF MAY!!! You all are gong to be sooooo IMPRESSED!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

♥Mary Frances :)