Sunday, May 14, 2017

April 2017

Me and the big sis matched...buuuuut DIFFERNT...LOOK AT MY PURSE...its like the purrrrrrfect touch to tie it all up!!!
Hiking with Denae!!!

The AUNT every kid WISHES was theirs!!! Hee, hee!!!
YOU COULD make your nieces and nephew's dreams ALL COME TRUE!!! ;))))
Looooove these kiddos and this pic is SOOOOO FITTING of their personalities!!!

crazy Wendesday with the lil bro!!!
My CRAZY try of the month was the UNICORN frappacinno at Starbucks...

It was soooooooooooo PRETTY!!! No joke, I wore a special outfit for it!!! LOL
a new unconventional way of waking up the niecey!!! She didn't talk to me for an hour...ahahahaaaa

Loving this crazy kid!!!
Church YARD SALE!!!
Flowers out front!!!

If anyone feels inspired to get a head start on birthday shopping for me...HEE, HEE!!!

Joseph had THE AWESOMEST gift for his dad, $10 from his allownance, taped in a letter with bandaids, isn't that just TOO CUTE!!! AWWWWW!!!
Homemade from scratch, RAVIOLI!!!
Its a NEW Easter tradition!!!

Went and saw Anne of Green Gables in Fountain Hills...
It was REALLY GOOD!!! The weird moment of the play was when we realized that the man playing Matthew was OUR OLD DOCTOR!!! Dr. Chad Campbell...who like, our all time FAVORITE doctor that was soooo helpful with my mom and was the one that helped us all get started on the weight loss surgery and THEN disappeared off the face of the earth!!! THEN we see him SOOOO RANDOMLY in the play... I really wanted to wave and ask him if he could tell I've lost 70 pounds since he's seen me...Like stand up like, HEEEEY are YOU PROUD OF ME OR WHAT??? BAHAHAHAHA!!!
Sooooooooooo I tried learning how to make grits..

Annnnnnnd was SUCCESSFUL, buuuuuuuuuuuut...
Decided the flavor was rather, BLAAAAAAAAH!!! Hanna was like, MARY, why are you trying to eat grits when you can just eat one of  your tacos??? I'm like, OH THIS TRUE!!! LOLOL Reminded me of THIS advice she gave me about BLUE EYES!!!! AHAHA!!!
Dr. Julianna!! She decided while babysitting them that I needed her toy bandaid, that is supposed to go the wrist, the only spot on me she could find to fit it was MY BIG TOE!!! AHAHAHAAAA!!!
I want this Red Robin sign in my kitchen!!!
This REALLY cracked me up!!! LOLOLOL
Vanilla-chocolate LOOOOOOVE!!!
My waterfall hairdo!!! LOL
I found my boys praying when I walked in from the bathroom, I was SHOCKED, turns out they had all just gotten in trouble, RIGHT BEFORE I walked in...LOL
Annnnnd brownies for my kiddos!!!

My sis-in-law, Lizzy's birthday party, my brother made her and Italian themed dinner, of Alfredo, grilled chicken, lasagna rolls and HOMEMADE CHEESECAKE!!! I forgot to take any actual pics of her tho...SORRY LIZ!!!

Juuuuuuuuuuust happy being ME!!!

♥Mary Frances :)