Saturday, May 13, 2017

LPC Mother's Day at a Elderly home!!!

Soooo for our monthly outreach push we went to a care home for the elderly in Fountain Hills, the kids had made up cards and they passed them out with a rose to all the mom's that lived there, such a simple gesture but it mean so much to them!!!
So many people there that it meant so much to, their faces would just light up because they never have anyone visit them, I even saw a few wiping away tears!!

 The kids all REALLY DID GREAT!!!

 I'm pretty sure Judah was a favorite amongst the ladies, some even were trying to take selfies with him...I had to help them out tho!!! LOL I'm like, Hmmmmm SELFIE LESSONS by Mary perhaps should be our next Elderly outreach endeavor!!! ;))) AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

 This lady was asking Pastor Abbott, SO are you the MAIN MAN??? I thought that was pretty hilarious!!!
 I think its really good for us ALL to be exposed to the elderly like this, my mom was in a home for about 6 weeks and I stayed with her every night, but it was so sad, there were some people that NEVERRRR had anyone stay with them!!!

♥Mary Frances :)