Thursday, May 18, 2017

May Kid's Church!!!

As usual, kids church was GREAT this month!!!
We had A LOT of funnnn with them!!! Sis. Abbott did a great object lesson with balloons, Stultz an ice breaker, Abe and Grace a game, Bro. Jason taught, WHICH he had a REALLY GOOD object lesson I'll have to share some time, then pastor Abbott wrapped it all up...
THEN after ALL the fun, we had a GREAT ALTER CALL!!!
Four of the girls prayed through to the Holy Ghost again...
This girl in the above pic, she comes every week buuuuuut forgot to say BYE to her mom before she got on the van to come, her mom was frantically texting me to make sure she was with me, meanwhile, her daughter was at church, GETTING THE HOLY GHOST AGAIN!!!
It was soooooooooo cool cuz three of the girls were kneeling buuuuut goofing off, so I went to pray with another girl that was praying serious,
THEN the spirit of God just fell and when I looked back behind me, ALL three girls were standing up, hands raised, tears stream down their cheeks and speaking in tongues, IT WAS SOOOOO AWESOME!!!
THIS is what I live for, its my heart, my passion,
♥Mary Frances :)