Tuesday, July 4, 2017

June 2017

June was another great month!!! I'm having an awesomely GREAT SUMMER!!! I haven't gone ANYWHERE this summer and YET, it feels like its been BUSIER THAN EVERRRRR buuuuut in a good and FUN WAY!!!
Aw Seth's first Father's Day!!!

So satisfying to see what we've been learning in class being put to action, I'm believing this little will be receiving the Holy Ghost SOON!!!

Idk WHY buuuuuut I REALLY want this game...In case anyone is looking for birthday gift ideas for me...Oh yes, this is my birthday month!!! Hee, hee!!!

Yes, I got a fidgit spinner!!!

Preparing to be a good mom and trying to prepare a healthy, balanced lunch...I think I did pretty good...I woulda done just half a sandwhich buuuuut was pretty sure the kids woulda FREAKED out on me for that..bahahahaha...I also learned that I should probably wait to give them the chips and cookies because for some odd reason they were sooooooooooo FULL for the veggies when they were left on their plates!!! LOL
 Swimming, swimming, SWIMMMMMING!!!

 Making chocolate chip cookies...
 Sooooooooo they look like they're working together all great here buuuuuut there was some MAJOR sibling rivalry taking place at this moment!!! LOL
 I got a new car...yes...another new car...did I ever even
tell you all about the other one??? Toyota Equinox 2007
Annnnnnnnnnd I finally tried Coffee Plantation...LOVED IT!!!!

 Annnnnd another lil funky place where I got Prickly Pear Ice tea!!!

 Annnnnnnnnnd You guys KNOW HOW I just loooooove funky stuff...
 Weeeeeeelllll These HAD to be tried...HAD!!!
 I walk into our family get together on Father's day and Joseph is like, Aunt Mary, WHY are  you dressed like the 80's??? I was like, HUH??? Sooooo I look up 80's style and I soooooooooooo WAS DRESSED 80's!!! I was like, How in the world did you know that???? And I guess it's because I was born in the 80's!!! LOL

 Youth service time...
 I took all the LPC kiddos to the youth service in Glendale...
 Arizona Mills SHOPPING TIME!!!

They have a new line of clothing and I really want the shirt!!! LOL

When the kids in the can wont shut up...soooooo you just GIVE UP!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!

All the dad's of daughter's in my church want this shirt!!!
I loooooooooove this girl!!! I'm so proud of her!! I still remember praying with her as a little munchkin at Jr. Camp annnnnd Now she is turning into a beautiful, GODLY, hard-working young lady, I LOVE HER!!! ♥♥♥

Sooooooooooo it was one of those really bad days when you find out you have shingles annnnnnnd then when you go to the Fry's pharmacy drive thru your car decides to stop working so your stuck there with shingles trying to direct cars around you in 120 degree weather!!! I'm NOT even gonna lie, I like totally YELLED at the AAA guy on the phone, he was just soooooo ANNOYING!!! Asking me a MILLION AND ONE QUESTIONS, are you safe??? Well i'm stuck in a drive thru!!! Buuuuut is your life being threatened!!! NOOOOOOOO BUUUUUUUT YOUR LIFE IS ABOUT TO BE!!! BAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Where are you located? Tatum and Shea! Tatum and Jay...hmmmm...there are no listings for a frys at Tatum and JAY! NOOOOOOOOOOO TATUM AND SHEA!!! Anyways, the guy that came to actually help was soooooooooooooo NICE he more than made up for AAA phone operator!!!
Annnnnnnnnd this NEW drink from Starbucks did calm me down...270 calories for a grande...
For two days straight that's ALL I DID was lay in bed with shingles and drink these Starbucks drinks... Witch btw led to some VERY EXCITING WEIGHT LOSS NEWS...I will tell you all about that SOOOOOOOON!!!

♥Mary Frances :)