Monday, August 21, 2017

Happy Monday!!!

What is MORE important, PRAYING or READING your Bible??? That is the question that Bishop Abbott asked us one day while he was preaching.
What is MORE important praying or reading your Bible?!
He said, that so often we think that prayer is MORE important than reading your Bible and he said that while prayer IS indeed VERY important,  JUST REMEMBER, when we pray, it is, US talking to God, (OR with God)THE BIBLE is ALL GOD TALKING TO US!!!

Christian humor
NOT that God can't or doesn't talk to us while we pray, BUUUUUT praying still involves us talking, while the Bible is THE WORD OF GOD, and ALL OF IT IS GOD TALKING!!!  I think that it is pretty safe to say that they both go hand in hand and work together for the GOOD!!! The WORD of God will be enlightened even more to us when we pray.
 Yet at the same time, We will find the very answers to our prayers IN THE WORD OF GOD!!! Furthermore, the Bible will even begin to show us WHAT we need to praying about!!!
 Its Monday but we don't need to be down! Get your Bible and begin to read...JUST THNK, Today, YOU have the opportunity for God talk to you!!!! Start your week off THE RIGHT way...
Happppppy MONDAY PEEPS!!!
 Have an awesome, fantabulous, BLESSED WEEK!!
♥Mary Frances :)
♥Mary Frances :)