Tuesday, August 22, 2017


When you find out on THE LAST DAY of your summer baby sitting job that Ikea has a really awesome play area you can drop the kids off for an hour!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!! The look of...
So i'm the kind of person that plans all kinds of activities to do with the kids when I babysit, well we went to just about every mall in the area, libraries, free tours of stuff, free breakfasts, museums, drives, swimming, we cooked, baked, made slime, listened to AIO and Lamplighters, the whole shebang, buuuuut I realized that we hadn't gone to IKEA yet and lets face it, Ikea is a pretty fun place to go check out. So I told the girls lets go to Ikea on my last day! 
So when I get their in the morning, the oldest sister of the group is like, Oh did you pick Ikea so we can drop my little sis off at the play area and not have to worry about her running around??? I was like, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAIT, IKEA HAS A PLAY AREA THAT YOU CAN DROP THE KIDS OFF AT???  SAY WHAAAAAAAAT??? She's like, YES, YOU DIDN'T KNOW THAT??? I'm like, GIRRRRRL, If I had know that, WE'DA BEEN GOING TO IKEA EVERYDAY!!!! 
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Jk! Jk! Hee, hee!!! ;)

♥Mary Frances :)