Wednesday, November 1, 2017


So currently, for all those who are (and for those who aren't) interested, I am...
Reading - Currently just the Bible cuz i'm waiting for some books to order.

Singing - Worth-"You thought I was worth keeping, SO YOU CLEANED ME UP INSIDE..." Can't get that song out of my head!!! 

Listening - Audible Stories and AIO!!! Currenlty in the middle of my first Biblical historical fiction by Lyn Austin, Gods and Kings. 

Walking - Uh the malls and mountains!!! 

Running - Just the aisles at church!!! 

Laughing - Ummmm Nothing imparticular comes to mind buuuuut THE JOY OF THE LORD IS MY STRENGTH!!! 

Smiling - Because God is GOOOOOD!!!

Praying - That I can be a good friend and a good sister and asking for God to give me wisdom to say the right things when the people I love need me!!!

Accepting - That God's ways are NOT MY WAYS!!!

Looking forward to - To all the upcoming events!!! 
This place opening at Chandler Mall!!!! 

Learning - History is actually pretty interesting when it's written well!!! 

Annnnd how to make THIS PIE From Southern Living!!!

Writing - Ummmmm blog posts!!! 

Finishing - The dishes!!!
♥Mary Frances :)