Thursday, November 2, 2017

October update!!!

Weeeeeeeeeeeelllll October was the month of birthdays...FOR SURE!!!

Happy birthday to my big sis T!!! 

So precious, we had an amazing revival service, the spirit of God moved and there was no preaching and lil Chris received the Holy Ghost...
It was BEAUTIFUL!!! 

I discovered Bitmoji app!!! Annnnnnnnnnd I LOOOOVE IT!!! 
Doesn't she soooo look like me????
I saw this car, I don't know if its a coincidence of if they are AIO listeners...
Congrats to these two love birds!!!

Happy Birthday Odie!!! 

When it's your birthday...
Annnnnnd yo mom's making you leave the jump place...
Buuuuuuuuuuut you don't wanna!!! BAHAHAHA!!!
Happy Birthday Jeremiah!!! 

Happy Birthday Joseph!!! 

Soooooooooo ADORABLE!!! 

Happy Birthday Kelsey!!! 

Happy Birthday Deedee!!!

LPC Fall Youth Rally 2017
 Okaaaaaaaaay soooo these are THE ONLY PICS I have from the youth rally, I forgot to take pics....
 Annnnnnnnd these lovely lil ladies from Glendale musta taken pics on my phone while I left it in the bathroom charging...LESSON...
*Be careful WHEN YOU TAKE SNEAK PICS ON PHONES YOU SEE LYING AROUND..THEY JUST MIGHT HAVE A BLOG...HEE, HEE!!! No really THANK you, at least I have something to remember the night!!! LOL 
Yard saleing, I HAD to get this adorable lil chocolate baby doll...I just can't ever leave a chocolate baby behind...AND Ellie Karlson LOVED receiving her!!! 

Happy Birthday Bethany!!! 


Schnepf's Farm pumpkin Festival!!! 
Crazy Taters!!! 
 Glow in the dark cotton candy!!
 Discovered the LOVE POTION at Boba Tea Company!!!
 Another good Lyn Austin!!!
 My newest adorable sweater...PERFECT for the holidays and celebrating!!!
On our way to Kingman!!! 
 Bored in the courtroom...ONE WITNESS was on the stand for 8 hours!!!

 Took the kiddos to Makutu Island...OR as Odie says, Coocoo Island!!!
 I have to say, this is like THE COOLEST PLACE EVERRRR for kids!!!
 My group played from 9:45 in the morning til 3 in the afternoon, WITHOUT COMPLAINTS!!!
 Loved this book, Of all the Lyn Austin civil war books, I could MOST RELATE to this one!!!
LPC Holy Ghost Party...
Odie was an "Officer Of Truth" 
 Balloon stomp!!!

Had to get this...I was a lil disappointed that the whip cream wasn't that bright in reality, I asked my barrista about it and she said it just depends on who makes it...I'm like REALLY??? Ummmm I think that's ACTUALLY called, FALSE ADVERTISING STARBUCKS!!! AHAHAHA!!!!

 Gotta love me some Odie!!!
 Hanna's Favorite Lynn Austin...I'm thinking she could relate cuz she's a nurse LOL
 Because some people gotta give EVERYONE a reason to pray...sooo It may as well be ODIE!!! LOL
Last few days were spend babysitting my crew!!! 
 I really want this jacket from Target if anyone is feeling compelled to go Christmas shopping for me!!!
 And Ally and I really want these matching fur vests as well!!
 All in all, it was an awesome and BUSY MONTH!!!
Goals for November...Get in some GOOD WRITING before this year is up...Try a few new some good outreach for our church Thanksgiving Feast!!! BE THANKFUL!!! 

♥Mary Frances :)