Thursday, November 23, 2017

Turkey Trot 2017!!!

 I did it you guys, I RAN (Ran/jogged/power-walked) MY FIRST RACE!!!
I didn't come ANYWHERE close to winning...

 In fact, I would VERY HUMBLY like to give myself that award...bahahahaaaa!!!I did it up right!!! My #thankful in gold glitter shirt, with my black sequin skirt, that my sis-in-love so kindly cut and hemmed for me so I could wear it in MY FIRST RACE, annnnnd my Hobby Lobby turkey headband!!! People LOOOOOVED IT!!! As soon as I walked in someone that worked there came over and asked if they could take my pic for the website! I was like, SUUUUUUUUUURE!!! LOL!!! 
Our WHOLE GROUP of trotters...Next year we expect some of the LPC MEN to join us...COME ON PASTOR...I see you running the aisles... YOU CAN DO IT!!!! Whoop, Whoop!!! 

Odie did GREAT and he LOOOOOVED the turkey!!!
Especially when he got down and talked to him!!!

 Happy Birthday JUDAH!!! Sweet 13!!!
 Getting ready to run...

 More than halfway done!!! 

 And when I got to the HOME STRETCH, I heard my peeps cheering for me!
 Annnnnnnnd FINISHED!!! 

Then we all went and chowed at DJ's bagels because they have THE BEST everrrr...even better than Chompies BAGELS!!! NYC APPROVED BAGELS!!!! Nom, nom, nom!!! Ooooh annnnnd I got THE BEST ICED COFFEE EVERRRR THERE...The Hawaiian Beach latte...YUMMMM!!!
 What, what, WHAAAAAAAAAAT????
YES, Annnnnnnnnnd then I went hiking, IF ONLY cuz I had NOTHING else to do...annnnnd cuz I've ALWAYS wanted to go hiking in a sequin skirt!!! AHAHAHA!!!! Now I'm just finishishing up baking my pies and I've had 3 iced coffees and am SOOOOOOOOOOOO HYPERRRRR!!!! 
♥Mary Frances :)
P.S. Wait till you guys see my BLACK FRIDAY OUTFIT!!! Once dinner is's OFFICIALLY CHRISTMAS and the sis and kiddos HIT THE STORES!!! Whoop, whoop!!!