Thursday, January 11, 2018

Joseph WHO???

Sooooooooo my friend is telling us all in a group text the other day this really cute story about her son. The jist of the story is that he wanted his Auntie at church but she couldn't take him at the moment because she was praying with someone. So the little boy is like, I'm JEALOUS, like Joseph's brother's!!! And walks away!!!
So you have to understand that in the moment that I read the story, I was in the middle of doing some stuff. So all the other girls are writing back like, Oh wow! He's so funny! Too cute! What a cute kid! Annnnnd I'm just sitting there  and in my head i'm thinking like, I don't get it!!! What soooo funny??? 
So then his mom writes in again and is like, The kid sure does know his Bible! Annnnnd it HIT ME...THE BIBLE...sooooooooooo I finally write me response, "And I'm sitting over here like, HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW WHO JOSEPH IS???"
Yes, my friends, TRUE STORY!!! I read her lil story and thought, "I don't know any kids from her church!!! Joseph?! How am I supposed to WHO JOSEPH is, let alone his brothers??? BAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!
Annnnnnnnnnnnnd YES PEOPLE, 
The story of Joseph is ACTUALLY one of my all time favorite stories...His attitude amidst his circumstances and the fact that you just NEVERRRR know what God is working out in the middle of YOUR MESS!!! What man meant for evil...GOD MEANT FOR GOOD!!! 

♥Mary Frances :)