Friday, January 12, 2018

Maryness #48573939393931111

I REALLY do LOOOOOVE surprises...buuuuuuuut rarely am I ever surprised because i'm VERY INUITIVE to EVERYTHING...I notice it EVEN THO I act like I don't!!! BAHAHA!!! IF I know that there is something amiss...I will DO EVERYTHING in my power to find it out and then be THOURGHLY disappointed when I DO find it out!!! LOL I want presents to be a surprise, they don't have to be elaborate, buuuut I LOVE to NOT know what I'm getting, YET I will try with EVERYTHING IN ME to figure out what it is...I makes NO SENSE...buuuuuut then again, this IS ME!!! AHAHAHAAAA!!!
♥Mary Frances :)