Friday, June 1, 2018

Odin's Adoption Party!!!

David and Goliath themed party adoption party...everything turned out GREAT!!!
Special thanks to our sis-in-law Grace for making the wall art of David and the giant Goliath and the picture collage and to Sis. Abbott for doing the table décor and to our brother John for doing the food annnnnnnnnnnd to Frys AKA: Kroger for the AMAAAAAZING looking and tasting cake!!! 
At a Ginty party, it's NOT been a successful party IF...
EVERYONE at the party is NOT taking home leftovers!!! 
The bombest bounce house everrrrrrrr!!!! DOUBLE SLIDES FOR RACING!!! You all shoulda heard Odie when we pulled up and he saw it, he literally SCREAMED for joy and ran into it!!!
Everyone would come annnnnnd I'd be like, to all the adults, COME ON, get in the bounce house, race down the slides!!! And they'd be like, I WILL IF, YOU WILL!!! I'm like, OKAAAAAAAAAAAY, lets go then, cuz I've ALREADY BEEN DOWN 6 TIMES...I'll RACE YOU!!! 
 We even had a GOLIATH piñata to beat up!!! We couldn't find one that we thought looked like Goliath, so my sis came up with just printing a pic from offline and tape it on!!! It worked great, the kids loved it!!!
 I will say that it was one GOLIATH of a piñata too!!! El Super really does have THE BEST pinatas and at a GREAT price!!!
Goliath's sign says the scripture, AM I A DOG??? Everyone was saying, Goliath looks SO MEAN! It's like,'s GOLIATH...He's SUPPOSED TO!!! LOL
One God and God is BIGGER than YOU!!! 
 Overall, it was a GREAT PARTY!!! Everyone was like to my sis, MAAAAAN you really know how to throw a party!!! It's kinda A GINTY THING!!! Hee, hee!!! 
Thank you everyone for your love, prayers and support as we welcome, embrace and THANK GOD for our NEWEST LITTLE GINTY!!! To God be ALL THE GLORY!!!!
♥Mary Frances :)