Monday, June 4, 2018

Get a drink!!!

What's wrong???
So back in the beginning of May, I told you all in my humor story, "When Your Best Friends with a Nurse" about how my wild imagination caused me to think I could possibly have a brain tumor because I kept feeling dizzy every time I stood up, when I told my lovely nurse friend my symptoms, she informed that most likely I was just DEHYDRATED and that I needed to just...GET A DRINK!!!
 I had thought up all kinds of wild and crazy schemes and YET, nothing was really wrong with me, I just NEEDED TO GET A DRINK!!! It was the simplest thing, I had forgotten to get enough to drink. I had gotten out of my water routine and my body was letting me know that I needed to hydrate myself. Here in Arizona, one must not forget to hydrate and even more so during the desert. When drinking water, you have to take into consideration also where you are and the climate. I have to remember that I LIVE IN A DRY DESERT and that it's VERY HOT OUT!
This happened to me AGAIN the day we had the picnic with our church. I was out all day, playing kick ball, throwing water around at each other in the water fight, I was continually pouring water over my head to cool off, buuuuuuut when I got home that night, I realized I was SO THIRSTY, I just guzzled down water. I remember thinking, it's kinda odd that I'm this thirsty, i'm sure I was drinking, I've been playing with the water ALL DAY long.

Then it clicked, I had drank some YES, buuuuut most of the time I had just been around water! I had probably been emerged through out the day in at least 5 gallons of water, and yet, none of that really mattered to my body because I had only taken into my body about 1 bottle waters worth. I could be in my swimming pool ALL DAY LONG and STILL get dehydrated while fully emerged in water. BECAUSE,  It doesn't matter HOW much your in or around water if you don't consume it inside of you!
Sometimes in life, in our spiritual lives we think that there is something wrong with us, we feel all weird and off and we begin to think of all the things that could possibly be wrong in our lives. Is there sin in my life? Is God punishing me for something? Has God abandoned me? Has God forgotten me? Is the devil attacking me? WHY IN THE WORLD AM A FEELING THIS WAY???
What you need
What if it's something SO SIMPLE??? What if you just need to GET A DRINK??? Think about it, when was the last time you got a really good drink from that spiritual well? When was the last time you prayed through til you broke in your spirit? If your feeling like something is wrong with you, MAYBE YOU JUST NEED TO GET A DRINK!!!! 
Are you spiritually dehydrated???
Oh but I could NEVER be spiritually dehydrated! I'm in church 3 days a week, twice on Sundays, I just got back from a conference 2 weeks ago and our church is in the middle of revival, HOW COULD I POSSIBLY BE SPIRITUALLY DEHYDRATED??? Allow me to tell you from personal experience, it doesn't matter HOW MUCH your around spiritual things, how many church services your in, how much preaching you hear, if it's NOT BEING CONSUMED INTO YOU!!! You can't just be around the spiritual water, you've got to consume it inside of you. You've got to pray until  you BREAK in the spirit.
Consider your surroundings
Perhaps your thinking, well I don't understand, I AM PRAYING, yet I still feel this way. Sometimes we need to take into consideration where we are in life. Just like living in AZ or it being summer time is a cause for me to need to DRINK MORE WATER, Sometimes the environment we are in is a cause for us to spiritually need MORE WATER! If your living in an ungodly environment, that's like living in a spiritual desert, YES YOU CAN MAKE IT, buuuuuuuuuut your going to need to be drinking MORE WATER!!!
There are have been seasons in my life that were like a long, hot DRY SUMMER and the only thing I could do to survive was to drink and drink and drink. It seemed like I just couldn't be in church enough, I was SOOOOOO thirsty I would look for opportunities to get more water. I just couldn't get enough, I would drink at church and then home and find preaching CD's to listen to and DRINK SOME MORE. There are seasons in our lives that we will need to remember to drink more. 
Long Term Effects
Not having enough to drink won't kill you right away, BUT if you don't take care of it, DEHYDRATION WILL KILL YOU!!! Although being spiritually dry is not particularly a sin, spiritually dehydration can lead you into sin.  If not taken care of and repentance is not made, sin will ultimately lead you into a spiritual death.
Have you gotten a drink yet today???
If NOT, go get one, right now!!! Then another one, and another and another. There's plenty, get some for yourself and pass some to a friend, there's plenty of water to go around. Let's stay hydrated my friends...
"He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water." (John 7:38)
♥Mary Frances :)