Thursday, July 12, 2018

Me too...MINUS!!!

Sooooooooo I'm UBERRRR excited in general about our church going to the Heritage Conference next week. The plan IS, leaving at 3 AM on Tuesday morning,  getting there for the Meet and Greet BBQ singspiration on Tuesday Eve, then Wednesday during the day, which ALSO happens to be MY 35th BIRTHDAY, (Not that it's a big deal or anything;)  we are going WHITE WATER RIVER RAFTING!!! I am BEYOND excited about this if you couldn't tell, everyone at my church knows that I have NOT SHUT UP about this for the last month...NO JOKE...I've literally talked about it more than the whole entire conference, they're like, is there a conference this year??? WE JUST KEEP HEARING ABOUT WHITE WATER RIVER RAFTING!!! Ahahahahahahaaaaa!!! 
You guys don't understand, I couldn't do this BEFORE my weight loss, AND NOW I CAN!!! This is WHY I lost weight, SOOOOOOOOOOO I COULD GO WHITE WATER RIVER RAFTING!!! (And horseback riding, and hiking and to run races and fit on ALL the crazy rides, and to not need a seat belt extenstion on the airplane to wear cute belts and cute dresses, oh annnnnnnnd also to be healthy and NOT to die on early death!!!;) THEN on Thursday in between church services to go to WHIT'S END...(that's ANOTHER reason I've lost weight, to go down Wooton's slide and not worry about getting stuck...ahahahaaaa!!!) Okaaaaaaaay I haven't gotten that officially approved yet, buuuuuuut I'm pretty sure I can PUSH it on through...hee, hee!!! 
Sooooooooooooo my good friend, Courtney Thaler, is joining our church group for this trip, which I'm absolutely ESTATIC about!!! Anywayz, she was texting me about some details of the hotel and such and then she's like, So do you just roll your clothes when you pack and then iron when you get there???I was like, 

♥Mary Frances :)