Friday, August 24, 2018

Courtney-AZ, WWRR, 35th-bday, Whit's End, Heritage, SMORGASBORD!!!

HERITAGE 2018!!!
This is for you LAUREN!!! 
Weeeeeeeeelllll as far as I see it, my Heritage 2018 trip all started with my friend Courtney coming to AZ, I pulled up to my house from work to see THIS...
Yeeeeeeeeeessss!!!! She brought me a UNICORN!!! 

Of course, what else is there to do in AZ besides, GO SWIMMING!!! 
Thankfully, God has blessed us with a pool!! 
Of course we did  ALOT OF EATING!!!
It was INSTANT LOVE!!! Odin just walked up to her and hugged her like they were OLD TIME BUDDIES!!! Like, Hi Courtney!!! Of course, HE DOES talk to her EVERY MORNING ON THE PHONE!!! 

Because everyone that comes to AZ needs a picture with a cactus!!! LOL 
I took Courtney to Indian Village for FRY BREAD, this is where I take all my out of town guests, it's in the town of Cave Creek which gives people a true feel for the state of Arizona, annnnnd you get to try our most amazing dessert ever, INDIAN FRY BREAD, it's sooooooo AMAZING!!! It's like the one thing that actually impresses all my Cali friends!!! Also, all the males I know are pretty impresses with their hot dog WRAPPED in fry bread!!! 
Annnnnnnnnnnd Courtney was impressed!!! 
Annnnnnnnnnd Courtney gave me my Christmas present, ANNNNNND we had a lil Christmas in July before we went to bed that night!!! 

It's the first time I've ever seen an inside Boba Tea Company!!!

My hair had frizzed from the way I was laying when I was sleeping!!!
SIngsiration night!!! 
The girls all singing happy birthday for me!!! 
Sooooooooooooo it was after this pic and singing episode where Pastor made the BLOG BLOCK, which was him and Stultz walking single file next to me to stop people from seeing me as we walked to the van to go eat! Apparently, Pastor was ACTUALLY HUNGRY for once and did NOT want me to be stopped again!!!! LOL Buuuuuut really all you guys out there, don't feel intimidated to approach him about me!!! I'm sure THE BLOG BLOCK will be removed for all Godly, Apostolic, Single, GOOD LOOKING, (Willing to move here)men!!! BAHAHAHAAAA!!! 

I don't even remember taking this pic with Jen!!! LOL
Yeeeees, WE DO SEE YOU JUDAH!!! Hee, hee!!! ;))))
These two girls, they're all grown up now, I just can't believe it!!!
Finally got a picture with BEAUTIFUL Miss Asiah!!! 
Me and Janellie Bean!!! 

Soooooooooooo for my 35th birthday, I got my adventure I had dreamed of...

Soooooooo one thing we found out was that it was ACTUALLY a lot more work and coordination than we had originally thought it would be!!! 

Buuuuuuuuuuut have I everrrr told you guys that I LOOOOOOOVE ADVENTURE???
I think the mantra for the rest of the trip came from the bus ride over when one of the rafting guides told us all that if we fall out, he gave a list of things that DID NOT count as an emergency and he ended it with, "If you poop yourself, YOUR GOOD!" That pretty much became our joke and quote with each other for the rest of the week!!

Sooooooo at one point there is a spot where you stop and if you want you can jump out and go swimming, sooooooooooo OF COURSE I WANTED TOO! Well, our tour guide also showed us this rock we could jump off of into the water, SOOOOOOO OF COURSE I wanted to do that too!!! Weeeeeeeeelllll, next thing I know after jumping, I started floating down the river with the current! I could NOT swim out of it!!!  Well, EVERY MALE decided that was their moment to be a hero! Three rafts came flying over to me and this man was holding out his OAR to me, and the only thing I was thinking was, your holding it out THE WRONG WAY! They said on bus ride over NOT to hand someone the paddle part! BUUUUUT I decided to NOT correct him and just let him be my hero! I grabbed it and pulled myself over, then my guide came over and helped me the rest of the way! When we got back everyone was like, WERE YOU SCARED??? I was like, Actually, I wasn't! I was having funnnnn...BUUUUUUUUT I knew I wasn't supposed to be floating away like that!!! 
My sis said she wasn't worried about me, she was just like, WOW!!! I asked Stultz if he was worried about me? He said no, basically what was going through his mind was, "Well, here we go...AGAIN!" WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!! That's all I have to say about my people!!!

Afterwards, everyone was STARVING!!!!


Gotta get that FREE Birthday drink!!! 
Heritage was such a HUUUUUGE conference this year that the gym was soooooooo FULL!!! They asked if they could have 200 volunteers, that were NOT going to be playing any sports, that would hang out instead at the ball room of the hotel??? I was like, UMMMMMM GUYS, that would be US!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! 



A poet in ACTION!!! 
Best comment to Courtney all week, WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO, WRITE A POEM ABOUT IT???? BAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! 


Finally trying a RASPBERRY RIPPLE from Whit's End!! 
While us girls waited 3 stories up to go down Wooton's famous slide...MY FIRST TIME EVERRRRR, Stultz waited 3 stories down with photography duty!!!

When it was FINALLY our turn, I yelled a warning down to him to get ready with the camera, when I down there I asked if he had heard the warning!? He said YEEEEES!!! He very clearly heard from the stories, JOOOOOOONATHOOOOON GET READY WITH THE CAMERA!!! Ahahahahahaha!!! Aparently, of the 3 of us girls that went down, I was also, SURPRISE, SURPRISE, The Loudest!!! Which I was completely SHOCKED to hear!!! ;)))

I also, just wanted to give all girls a warning, THAT, with the potato sack cover your legs, you MAY not realize if your dress is up...sooooo...AHEM...double check before you take it off...I'm jus sayin, this may or MAY NOT have been an issue for my first time, I could just RANDOMLY be throwing this out there for you all to double check yourselves...I'm JUST SAYIN!!! 
Jonathon's favorite character...Like ONLY HE, Mr. Non-judging himself, wouldn't find Harlow Doyle completely annoying!!!
Courtney meets Whit!!! 
Soooooooo this elderly man stopped Stultz on the way to the van from Focus On The Family, annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd we could NOT leave!!! Literally, Courtney was BLOWING UP OUR PHONES at this point....BUUUUUUUUUUT WE WERE STUCK!!! 

My lil Honduran Friend!!! 
My lil Rayana...I LOOOOOVE THIS GIRL!!! 

Inside Joke with our group, buuuuuut Probably THE FUNNIEST moment the whole trip!!! Annnnnnd I think part of what made it soooooooo FUNNNNNNYYYY was cuz it came from my sis!!! AHAHAHAAAA!!!
A really good resterraunt on the way home!!!

Sopaphillas...sooooooooo YUMMMMM!!!!

That moment when you think, should I or shouldn't I post a picture of my pastor sleeping???
Annnnnnnnnnnnnd then you think, I SHOULD!!! Hee, hee!!! 
Then you have a RANDOM wise moment and you, better NOT!!
Sooooooooooo you post one of Stultz instead!!! 
Sorry Stultz, just think your taking the heat for Pastor, kinda like an EARLY Pastor Appreciation gift!!! AHAHAHAHAAHHAHAAAA!!!
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd Sunday BACK HOME!!!! 

Annnnnnnnnnnd that basically sums up HERITAGE 2018!!!
 I'll do another post on the actual services tho!!! 

Gonna get these for all the guys I know that need a Self-esteem boost!!!
Good bye Courtney!!! 
Come again soon...WE STILL have to TP Stultz's Car!!!!
BWAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!*Evil Dr. Blackard laugh

♥Mary Frances :)