Wednesday, October 31, 2018


EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAHHHH!!! You guys I'm SIKED!!! I've been in a nervous frenzy of excitement all day today!!! Hanna was like, what are you doing? I'm like, just pacing around the house and dancing....Even my feet are when I sit down!!! I'm nervous because, a week ago I remembered I had lost my driver's license like 4 months ago...Yeah, I've been driving around without a license...don't judge I went online and reordered one, well, by Wednesday it hadn't come in so I was like, OMW I better go to DMV and just buy another one otherwise I can't board the plane!!! Well I bought weight on my driver's license is 250 instead of 360...that was a HAPPY MOMENT...anyway, the lady was like, ok it'll come in the mail in 2 weeks! I was like, WHAAAAAAAAAAT??? 
I have to board the plane she said that I just showed them the paper a long with my passport and I would be fine... I called up to confirm that and they said I SHOULD be good but to go to the TSA website...soooooooo according to the website I'm good, even IF you lose your ID, they'll usually still let you on, just plan on a complete pat down etc... and all this other background checking....and to get there 2 hrs early...I ALWAYS get patted down...and I hate it cuz I'm sooooo ticklish...I feel like laughing only makes it MORE AWKWARD...buuuut I can't help it!!! I never understand WHY they ask if you want a private room for a pat down, I'm like UH NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! AHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAAA!!! 
Sooooo I'm like, Hanna maybe I shouldn't curl my hair then, cuz I wanted it to be curly, i'll look more suscpicious with it in pin curls, she was like, naw, just do it! Who's gonna bomb a plane with their hair curled...I was like TRUE!!! AHAHAHAHHAAA
You guys, don't judge me for walking around like this, you don't know just HOW STRAIGHT my hair is, it HAS to set for a long time, to curl!!!! Anywayz, I usually get compliments on it...LOL..heeeeey maybe people will think its my costume...I'm trying to be a grandma...Hee, hee!!!
Sooooooooooo I'm already, just prescheduling blog posts!!!!

Don't I have THE CUUUUTEST stuff everrrrrrr????
Soooooooooo everyone, come find me and lets get pics...I haven't been to WCC since 2015, before my mom died...WOW, it's been a while, this was her ABSOLUTE favorite conference!!!! Come get your MAR BEAR HUG or MAR BEAR HANDSHAKE-FIST BUMP if your a male...ahahahhahahahahaahhaahahahaaaa….
See you all tomorrow morning...
♥Mary Frances :)