Wednesday, November 7, 2018

WCC after party!!!

Sooooooooo I just wanna start off by saying I was pretty much DEAD on Saturday!!! I fell asleep at 5 am and awoke at 8!!! 

 We went for a second trip to Hi-top Coffee....
Buuuuuuuuuuuut my eyes were too tired to get any really good pics with my amazing drink!!!

 Trying to get a pic with Hanna buuuuuut we just looked sooooooo out of it!!!
 We picked up Mesgana from Spanish service and then started heading back to the bay...
Aunt Mary sending winks to lil O, so I guess my nephew really missed his Auntie-Aunt Mary, he even told his mommy that I was his bestie!!! Which is usually strictly reserved for mommy, the dog, Regan or DOOnae! (Denae Abbott)
We then went to TEAZERS...
The iced honey-lavender latte!!!
Having a blast Hanna fell outta her chair cuz she was laughing so hard at Brandon!!!!
Lashone refused a drink, said tea wasn't her thing, but we all made her try our drinks...she said they were al NAST, buuuuut mine was THE NASTIEST!!! She gave it the official NASTY AWARD!!!
Still tired!!! Buuuuut trying to get a cute pic!!!
For the first time, I can HONESTLY say, I can't imagine Hanna with anyone else!!! 

We ate a late lunch at this BBQ place called Mamma Murphy's the food was pretty bomb, buuuuut NOT for the 1.5 hour wait...they said they make everything fresh, buuuuuut you can't tell me that the brisket isn't already cooking????
Buuuuuut we entertained ourselves playing 7Up, Mesgana was the first one out and his dare was to walk around the table 4 times clapping...
It wasn't the kinda restaurant where they cared, in fact, Brandon spilled his water and when the waitress came to clean it up, Lashone roasted Brandon so hard the waitress started laughing so hard she started doing a dance, it was pretty epic!!! 
YUUUUUUUUUUMMMM!!!! Have I ever told you guys how much I LOOOOOOVE BBQ???
Annnnnnnnnnd after we finally got back home from dropping all the kids off, my Mocha Mom had prepared an Ethiopian feast for me!!! I was like, WOW!!! She came all the way back from WCC and did this for me! Isn't that just the nicest, sweetest thing everrrrr????

Sooooo she had made fresh tuna as the meat and Hanna was like, Oh mom, Mary doesn't eat fish! I was like, NOOOOOO, I do now!!! Thanks to Stultz, I NOW CAN SAY I EAT FISH!!!!
It feels really good to be able to eat it, I hated being picky about it!!! It seems so shallow and undiversified to be picky!!! It was superrrr good too!!!

Annnnnnnnnnnd my Ethiopian Ice TEA!!! Well technically speaking, it's just Hanna's mom's special recipe, it's the most AMAZING TEA you have ever had!!! Apparently, Mesgana is helping her to start her own business....which i'm like, YEEEEEEESSSS!!! Hanna had told him, well now that  your 16 you can get your own job! He was like, Hanna, why would I want to go work for a company when I can be the president of one? She was like, Ok, go ahead lil brother!!! 
Soooooooooooo then we all sat around playing Q&A with Mary, after an hour or so, Brandon said, lets do something, come on you guys lets go get Starbucks and go for a joy ride. Sooooooo we got Starbucks, turned on DEAD AIR and drove out to Grizzly Peak, it was such a blast!!! 
Well first, on the way there, Hanna was like, Mary tell Brandon how you started with the African kids! I was like, uh, it's too long, later! THEN later on I was like, oh sorry, I should explain, I'm literally too tired to talk...that's the only time I can't talk when i'm tired, well that or when I'm MAD!!! AHAHAHAHAAAAA!!! 
Such a beautiful view of all the bay cities!!! 
Mesgana was there too, but he was the photographer!!!! 
Duuuuuude isn't Hanna just GORGOUS????
Finally a good besties pic!!! 
Somehow the later it got the better and less tired we looked!!!
Aren't they sooooooooooooo CUUUUUUUUUTE!!!???
They are sooooo perfect for each other!!!! I can't imagine Hanna with anyone else!!! I had sooooo much fun with them I forgot I was chaperoning even when I was, we just had a blast together!!! Annnnnnd he's praying for a husband for me...soooooo he definatley got extra chocolate points for that...hee, hee!!! 
Needless to say, I literally crashed into bed that night, LITERALLY, I was out!!!
Oh so Hanna's mom had said that she was going to pack some Ethiopian food for me to take home with me in the morning, Hanna was like, well mom, we are getting up REALLY early tomorrow. Her mom was like, HOW EARLY? She's like, I don't know, like 8! Her mom was like, in her Ethiopian accent, 8??? YOU CALL 8 OH CLOCK EARLY??? it was sooo hilarious we were laughing soooo hard!
Next morning, Hanna was like, Gana, mom said to get ready! He's like disappeared! Their mom is like, what is that boy doing that he's not getting ready??? Hanna's like, I think he took Zianna, their cat, outside for the a photo shoot! He comes back in a few minutes later with the most epic pics ever of their cat!!! 

Like seriously, SUPERRRR CAT!!! 
She looks like she's modeling!!!! 
Me and my mocha mom!!! Isn't she a beauty???
Needless to say, Mesgana didn't get to go with us to Peets since he was getting the photo shoot of the cat and wasn't ready for church yet!!!
Okaaaaaaaaaaay soooo this drink, dark-chocolate-orange...AMAAAAAAZING!!!!
Okaaaaaaaaaay this pic was soooo hilarious, Hanna was trying to scare Brandon when he came out of the bathroom, so I'm looking at the pic and I'm like, what's going on with her eyes???
She's rolling them cuz he's taking too long!!! 
Ahahahahahahaahahahhaa!!! SOOOOO HANNA!!! ROAST THAT PIC BRANDON!!!

Annnnnnnnnnd was he scared??? NOPE!!! With out missing a beat He's like, Hey Hanna, why are you standing there!? Shoudn't you be helping set up for church!!!
Sunday School with the youth at IPC!!! 
Brother Kifle preaching up a fire!!! 
He preached a really good message called, "Pure Pressure"
Pastor Kifle in the window acting as Michal when David came back worshipping!!!
We had really good church, a great alter call, a spirit of worship and praise fell in the service and we had a really good alter call!!! I think some people were dancing in the spirit for the first time!!!
I'm so happy for and proud of my friends, Pastor and Sister Kifle, though they may be young, they are answering the call of God to a CRAZY CITY and are doing a great job in the city of Berkley California!!! The church is growing, I see new faces as truth marches on!!!! 
Also, Bro. Kifle has gained 40 pounds since his wedding, see, that right there is proof of a good wife!!! I was like, YAAAAAAAAAYYY I've lost 40 pounds since  your wedding!!! I think we may actually have the same goal weight too! He's trying to gain to it and I'm trying to lose to it!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!! 
Meanwhile, I got a text from Southwest airlines saying the flight was delayed an hr...we were like, YEEEESSSS...PARTAAAYYY!!!!
So, Hanna, Brandon, Bro. Kifle, Sis. Kifle and I all headed to Philz to chill and catch up
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd FINALLY AT PHILZ AGAIN!!! 
Finally got the mint mojito!!! 

Soooooooooooo now that I'm back home, I just wanted to say that I literally ALMOST missed my flight because I got going talking to Sis. Kifle on my favorite subject everrrrr and completely lost track of the time!!! I was waiting to tell my sister I almost missed my flight cuz I was talking...Wanted to make sure I MADE it before I told her!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!
If your wondering what my favorite subject is, then apparently, you don't even know me!!! Skin color and ethnicity and the fact there is ACTUALLY no such thing as race, race is a man made idea and further more, the idea of race stems from the theory of evolution and interracial beliefs actually promotes the theory of evolution and ALSO, for the liberal world that promotes obviously no racism, YET believes the theory of evolution, they are actually promoting racism! The belief as Christians that believes in different races promotes Darwin's theory of evolution ANNNNNND the world's belief in evolution promotes RACISM!!! Yes, it's true!!! 
I have so much to say on the matter, I've studied it out researched it for years, I was ready to get on my stand right there at PHILZ, SOMEBODY GET ME A MICROPHONE!!! Buuuuuuuut Hanna realized the time and we made it on time to the airport, I WAS THE LAST PERSON TO BOARD, buuuuuuuuuuuut I DID MAKE IT!!! Annnnnnnnnd currently working on my lesson for my Wednesday School class!!! I've instead decided to start an educational blog series on the subject!!! MORE TO COME...I just can't be quiet, it's my passion!!!
Annnnnnnnd when I got home my little O kept saying he missed me!!! Isn't that the sweetest thing everrrrr??? I think he actually said I was his bestie for a whole 24 hrs!!!! It's currently back to mommy tho!!!
Annnnnnnnnnnnd tomorrow we leave for a church trip to KNOTTS!!! I'm riding in the church van: AKA: THE PARTY VAN!!! Stultz is driving sooooooooooo yeah, i'm sure it'll be bumpin! Last time we're driving and I'm like, wow, it's soooo quiet all of the sudden!!! He's like, well, that's because your actually NOT talking!!! Har, har, har!!! You know life would be soooo boring quiet without me!!! :P
♥Mary Frances :)