Tuesday, November 6, 2018

WCC 2018!!!

Weeeeeellll we can start off by saying that I made it through security with NO PROBLEM at all whatsoeverrrrr!!! 
 I got there superrrrr early because I was worried about it, with nothing to do, I just literally WALKED the airport, went through every terminal, the whole jazz...
When I found a PEETS...
I was like, NOOOOOOO WAAAAAAYYY... I MUST get one!!! 

Courtney picked me up from the airport screaming, WELCOME TO AMERICA!! WELCOME TO AMERICA!!! She even had God bless America blaring from her speakers!!! I was like, WOOOOOOW!!! People around us were looking pretty confused, Liiiiiike she looks American buuuuuuuuuuuut??? AHAHAHAAAA!!!
Courtney also diagnosed me on this trip with Restless leg syndrome, insomnia and ADHD!!! I was like, GIRLFRIEND, you got your MASTER'S DEGREE IN TEACHING!!! BAHAHAHAA!!! I can explain everything, I don't have restless leg syndrome, I'm just very energetic and can't stay still for very long, I don't have ADHD, I'm just a VERY RANDOM PERSON that changes from subject to subject and I lose my attention span and get distracted very easily, as for the insomnia, I'm not used to sharing my bed space with anyone...Just call that OLD MAID SYNDROME...BAHAHAHAAHAAA!!!

I had to take a pic of our room number so I wouldn't forget!!! LOL
Bro. Marchbanks was the first preacher to preach Thursday morning, which was when I got in, his was actually my favorite too...If that's ok to say???  I had told Cherie I was coming in special just to hear her dad preach...it was soooo good too!!! He preached All means ALL!!! Basically that God is not willing that any should perish but that ALL should come to repentance and talking about how it doesn't matter the sin, God wants to save and deliver them from their sin!!! I Loved it!!!
When they introduced Bro. Marchbanks, they said what's the first thing you think of when you think of Bro. Marchbanks??? In my head I was thinking,
Stephanie and Cherie 
OF COURSE!!! Ahahahahaaaa…

My second favorite message was Bro. Lackey's "The ten commandments of evangelism" Or something along those lines! I really liked that!!! #1 SMILE (I got that down!)
This place literally had THE BEST MEXICAN RICE EVERRRRR!!!
Went out to lunch that day with my church peeps!!! 
Me and little Brother Simon...Sooooo handsome!!!! 
With the famous singing Kendra Thaler and her white nanny...Courtney's joke to her sis-in-law...I'm her white nanny!!! BAHAHAHAAA!!!
Me and Elisa!!!
Me and Allana!!!
Denae, Me, Courtney, Allana and Judah!!!
All of us again!!!! 
So on the way to WCC Martin picked up his younger sister from his dad's side to bring to conference. He really felt led of the Lord to do so. She's like the sweetest thing everrrr. I had just met her that morning, but I don't think she's ever met a stranger. We all went up to the alter and were praying and worshipping God, Melissa was jumping and dancing like she's grown up Pentecostal! We all started praying with her, Pastor Abbott came over and before long she was speaking in other tongues!!! 
She was hugging me and crying, said she's never felt loved so much before as she did by everyone at conference, that made me start crying. Melissa is Martin's first soul he's gotten now, which is pretty good since he just started coming this summer, He said it's the first of 1000, I BELIEVE IT!!!
Martin and Lucero brought her to the church in Burbank, where I believe she will be established, I can't wait to see what God does with her life!!! Oooooh and she wants the girls there to teach her how to do her hair, I said I have tons of friends there and I'll pass them on the message!!!
bad pic...buuuuuuuut me and jen!!! LOL
Sooooooooo I did the biggest conference NO, NO, everrrrr, I wore the same outfit in the morning at night, buuuuuuuuuuuut it ONLY MATTERS if you care, annnnnnnnd we all know where I stand on that!!! AHAHAHAHAAA!! Anywayz, the reason was because I wouldn't have been able to worship as well in the other outfit....soooo what's the point then, RIIIIIIIIIIIGHT???
Bishop Abbott celebrating his Holy Ghost birthday!!!
Soooooo I haven't seen Chantal in like 3 years, I walked up behind her, put my hands over her eyes and said guess who. She was like, talk again, so I did! She said again, so I did! After like 3 times she said, MARY FRANCES??? I was like, WOW! that was REALLY GOOD!!! 
She gave me her normal, "YOUR SO HOT!" compliment, we hugged and then I had to go! 
Stephanie and Cherie!!! 
Me and Angel...LOOOOOVE this girl!!! 
Soooooooooo Friday morning started off being reunited with my Hanna, even though we talk just about everyday, we hadn't seen each other in like 2 years!!! Well a year and 7 months...I was like, I HOPE YOUR GOING TO HAVE YOUR HAIR THE WAY I LIKE IT...Natural Curls, so I can BOING them...hee, hee!!! (She did!!!)
Finally got in my pic with VIVIAN!!!
We missed it at Heritage...I just gonna say that it was REALLY HARD to find people at Heritage...Idk if it's a bigger conference or if everything is just more crowded buuuuut MANNNN I couldn't even breath there it was so crowded!!! 

Annnnnnnd we did our normal Japanese Tapanyaki meal...

The best part was watching Brandon while they cooked, he was like, MESMERIZED!!!

The only part better was him trying to convince Hanna that it was healthy food...she was NOT convinced...buuuuuuut I agree with him, it was PRETTY HEALTHY!!!

Soooooooooo we found THE MOST AMAZIN coffee place everrrr in Fresno...
Latte ART!!! 
I had already bough an iced drink, buuuuuuuuuut when I realized they did latte art, I pretty much FREAKED OUT!!! OMW!! LATTE ART!!! I've always wanted latte art!!!
Oh yeah, sooooo if you guys go, I recommend the lavender-vanilla latte, extra sweet!!!

Look, you can just see me in the background, doing what I do, off in my own world and taking pics!!!

 The CUUUUUUUUUUUTEST couple of WCC 2018 award would have to go to my bestie and her boo...
Hanna Kifle and 
Brandon Puller!!!
Aren't they just adorable??? 
He's only waited like, FOREVERRRRR for her!!! Awwwwwww!!! 
2nd cuuuuuutest couple: I'm thinking the second cutest couple award would have to go to Andrew and his girl...buuuuuut I forgot to get a pic and even though I talked to her twice...I forgot her name...Which is why I said Andrew and his girl...I think I know her name...buuuuuuuut wouldn't that be awkward if I said the wrong name??? Buuuuut really, she seems like a total sweetheart, You did good bro, I'm happy for you!!!! 
3rd CUUUUUTEST couple: This goes to the two i'm trying to get together...You guys, TAKE MY ADVICE...You'd be ADORKABLE TOGETHER!!! Hee, hee!!! Trust me, I KNOW!!! Alina Velez wouldn't even exist if I hadn't hooked up her mommy and her daddy!!! #Ifyoucanuseanythinglordyoucanuseme
Annnnnnnnnnnd that's it for the cute couple awards...NOW for the AWKWARD couple awards...And THE PLAYER OF THE  YEAR AWARD...bahahahahaahaaa!!!!
Moving right along...Hi-top coffee was BOMB!!!
Are these pics the same??? I can't tell!!!LOL
Soooooooooooooo handsome!!! 
My lil Simon!!!
Okaaaaaaaaaaaaay so if you all haven't met Lashone, you all need to meet this girl!!! She is HILARIOUS!!! Plus she was my star kid when I was a counsellor at PCC!!! This was her: "Everybody, SHE'S TALKING, SO SHUTUP!!! Then, don't worry counsellor, I got you, I got your back!!!" And I don't care what anyone says Lashone, when you were my camper, I put you in for camper of the year girlfriend!!!
This is also Brandon's little sister...you should hear these two roast each other...they're SOOOOOO FUNNY!!! My favorites were when we were looking for a parking spot and Brandon missed a spot, he was going to try and back up but someone else got it, She's like, it's GONE, kinda like YOUR HAIR LINE!!! Then, he says something to her and she's like, that's ok, I'll be sitting here waiting for your Apololie! He's like, Apololie??? Don't you mean APOLOGIZE??? She's like, NO, I said it right, ApoloLIE!!! Cuz even when you say your sorry, It's STILL A LIE!!! 😂That one was seriously my favorite, I have no idea how she comes up with this stuff, seriously HILARIOUS!!! 😂
Catching up with Chantal!!!

Landmark Pentecostal Church Group!!!
When people assume because I'm from AZ I must be from Glendale, I'm like, NOPE, only THE ABBOTT'S GET TO CLAIM ME!!! Everyone else can only claim they live in THE SAME STATE AS ME...hee, hee!!!
Hanna, Mary, Court!!! 
Elevator selfies!!! 
Looking for In N OUT...
Ending up at the wrong one, buuuuuut staying to socialize!! 
I put my hands over Denae's eyes, she guessed it was me cuz they smelled good...bahahahahaaa!!! 

I did end up at the lock in for the last hour...I know i'm over 30 buuuuuut, I was chaperoning couples, plus if they said anything, I was gonna be like, heeeey, I've NEVERRRR even kissed anyone, that HAS TO COUNT TOWARDS SOMETHING...just let me be with my friends...PULEEEEEZE!!! BAHAHAHAAAA!!! 
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd just like that WEST COAST CONFERANCE 2018 was over!!! 
Whoop, whoop!!! 
Also, anyone that I met that wants to keep in touch, email me! Maryfranceswriting@gmail.com Actually, I'm best at texting but email me first and i'll give you my number...AHEM...Females ONLY...Hee, hee!! ;) Weeeeeelllll actually bro's COULD get MY PASTOR'S  number from me!!! HEEEEEEEYYYY!!!

♥Mary Frances :)