Sunday, December 30, 2018

October Update!!!

October started with my sister's birthday...which meant we went to as many Dutch Brother's as possible to get free drinks!!!! 
We then went to Denny's for breakfast...

Annnnnnnnd got in some shopping....My sister's favorite store...KATE SPADE!!!
Rustler's Rooste for her birthday dinner!!!

Rainy days...

Citrus tree is growing back!!!!

All five of us Ginty kids!!!


Martin and Lucero got married!!!
Odin got dedicated!!!
Schepf's Farm Pumpkin Festival!!!

The Ginty's!!!
The twins!!!
A fun lil roller coaster!!!


Odin's Birthday breakfast at OINK!!!

Fall outfit, the shirt was my mom's!!!

THE MOUSETRAP...the funnest play everrrrr!!! It's like a live CLUE game!!!

Odin, Kyle and Chelsie's birthday party at Airtime jump place!!!

Jumping in puddles!!!

Jenna's wedding!!!
I love this cake!!! 

My new favorite dress!!!

Odin praying!!!

My Lola!!!
Ready for WEST COAST!!!

♥Mary Frances :)