Saturday, December 29, 2018

Christmas BUSYNESS!!!

You guys, I am sooooooooo SORRY for the lack of blogging, buuuuuuuuuuuut…
From the big sis!!!
With there being such AMAAAAAZING weather in Arizona right now, I spend almost all of my free time outdoors...Hiking, running, walking and now biking...I very much enjoy being active and outdoors as much as possible while the weather is good...IF ONLY I COULD ROLLER SKATE, buuuuut alas I am a KLUTZ...annnnnnnnd I am scared that if I DID TRY to learn I would break a bone and then I'd be stuck DOING NOTHING while it healed, I would absolutely go crazy not being able to anything!!! 
 Anywayz, isn't my bike ADORABLE??? It's yellow cruiser WITH A BASKET IN FRONT!!! I plan on filling the basket with flowers, getting pegs in the back to give rides and I also need to get a bike carrier for my car, a biking skirt since I only have one dress thus far that has managed to be modest, annnnnnnnnnd I think that's it!!!
Re-hiked this mountain this week, this was the FIRST big mountain I ever hiked, MY HOW MUCH EASIER it was this time
This next week I want to get in Squaw Peak, North Mountain annnnnnnnd MAAAAAYBE Camelback, then on Saturday, Little O and I are going to do another run...THE PIZZA RUN!!! 
OH, speaking of Running,  THAT REMINDS ME...
MY LAST 5k  RUN I got down to 46 minutes!!!
♥Mary Frances :)