Thursday, October 24, 2019

A very annointed blog...or what?!

So one of my friends from the Chicago area, HEEEEY Keri! Just recently gave me the link for a friend of hers blog, Then God Said: "Let there be light"  Monse, the creator of this blog lives in THE COUNTRY, not our lovely lil state that's crazy about aliens and chilies...hee,hee,!!! Her blog seems like a great new little blog on the block and I thought I would share her blog with you all, since I don't believe I have shared any fresh bloggers with you all in a while! She's 27, has an amazing testimony, a professor at a university, single, in case anyone is wondering...Jus sayin! ;) Hee, hee!!!
Monse & Keri
(Stolen pic from Monse's blog)
Anyways, Keri, she's an AMA friend, (Pause for a moment for a quick Shout out to THE BEST CAMP EVERRRR!!!!) sent me Monse's blog link to check out. So I explained to her through text that I couldn't check it out at the moment on my phone, I would have to wait till I had access to a desk-top. I explained to her that I keep the internet access on my phone locked up so that I don't just have free-range whenever to get on the internet, (I don't do this because I'm soooo "SPIRITUAL" I do it cuz I'm NOT! Not that I'm super un-spiritual either but I am human...I know, I know, it's hard to see that past my halo...hee, hee;) but I have apps on my phone that use the internet but I can't just get on links. (the internet is a tool that we  use WHEN WE NEED it, buuuuuut, we don't need to have access to it 24/ you don't wear your tool belt when your not working...buuuuut honestly, I NEVER wear a tool belt! LOL) So she is like, oh ok, that makes sense, buuuuuuut, curiosity got a hold of me and I was like, well I'll just TRY to get on, and then see that the password comes up blah, blah, blah, so I clicked the link and went right to Monse's blog!!!
I started reading all her posts and was just like, WOW, this girl is so cool! I sent her link out to a few more friends etc...THEN when I got to church that night I asked one of the peeps I had sent the link to if he had checked out the blog yet, he said, No, my phone is locked up, it won't let me go on it! I was like, Oh well it's really weird buuuuuuut my phone let me! I guess its cuz her blog is sooooo anointed and my phone just reckonizes that, 
he's like, hmmmm...
I'm like, YEAH, it also let me go on MY BLOG too!!! I guess when your anointed your just anointed and my phone reckonizes that and apparently, Monse and I are just anointed bloggers! When your anointed, your just anointed!!! When you got it, you just got it, HEEEEEEYYY!!!
He's like, Hmmmmm...interesting...can I see your phone? I'm like, SURE!!! I hand it on over and he's fiddling around on it for a minute or so, then he says, yeah, it's ACTUALLY because your phone is no longer locked up. I was like, WHAAAAAAAAAT??? He's like, yeah...
I was like, WOOOOOOOOWWW...paused to contemplate a good comment...THEN...soooooo that's how spiritual I AM...I haven't even tried to get on the internet from my phone...he's like, probably since Wednesday night when you were having Grace, (My sis-in-law) Update your fitbit, she probably accidentally unlocked it...I'm like YES, since Wednesday night...annnnnd it's currently Saturday, that's HOW SPIRITUAL I AM!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!
Anyways, with that being said, check out this lil sista's not-so-anointed-BUT-still-anointed blog!!! Make sure you take time to read her three part testimony as well. 
Monse's Testimony
Part 1  
Part 2 
Part 3 
Isn't that just awesome??? God is doing a work in Mexico!!! 
♥Mary Frances :)
P.S. If we could get her amazing lil friend Dacia to update her blog, wouldn't that just be awesome??? Although, I really am intrigued with the idea of hiking a volcano...I still think an update from 2015 would be AWESOME!!! Buuuuut hiking a volcano, literally, it's luring me to Mexico...if I hike a volcano, you all KNOW, I'll NEVERRRR shut up about that!!! Especially if it explodes!!! Weeeeeelllll… actually, IF it exploded I probably would shut up about it, cuz I'd be dead!!! Buuuuuuuuuut FIRST THING IN HEAVEN, I'd be like to all the angels, did you all see that??? Tell me that wasn't the coolest, HOTTEST way to enter into heaven??? AHAHAHAAA!!! Maybe I should just hope for a enough volcanic activity  to talk about it with YOU all buuuuuut not quite the angels yet!!! Hee, hee!! 

P.P.S If you all have any other great blogs for me to check out please email me links! I just may do a post for them as well in the future! Emphasis on MAY...hee, hee!!! But either way I do enjoy reading some stuff besides my own writing, as entertained as I am...yes...I really do keep myself entertained...I wouldn't mind a lil outside entertainment as well!! So send em my way!!!!