Friday, October 25, 2019

After-After Party!!!

More from my trip to the bay for Hanna's wedding and then vacay this summer!!! 

The flowers AGAIN!!!

I think this was a peach from the farmers market...
Not sure what was going on in this pic...I think I was just bored and started taking selfies...I probably thought I was a cool mirror!!!
Funny post concerning this sign that will be posted next week...AHAHAHAHAAA!!!

Alcatraz Island!!!
Sooooo I thought this was superrrrr cool!!! TBH, I thought it was going to be incredibly BORING....buuuuuuuuut I was WRONG!!!

Isn't this the coolest picture ever of ODIN???

All of the sudden, O really needed to use the potty, that just HAPPENED to be in the jail cells!!! LOL

This man was the last living prisonor
Spent his whole life in jail and now he's autographing books for it!!! LOL
Btw: he wasn't a dangerous sister got his book but we don't really recommend it because it gave really graphic details of some of the nasty stuff that goes on in jail and we stopped reading it and gave it away...buuuuuuuut...It is a true story so purchase at your own conviction of what should go into your mind...jus sayin!!!
Aside from the tour of Alcatraz being interesting, it was ACTUALLY quite beautiful there on the island!!!

SUper cool virtual ride we did in Pier 39, it's kinda like Soaring over the world in California adventure amusment park, but this is basically soaring over SanFran!!! It's super cute and FUNNNNN!!!!

Okaaaaaaaaaaay so this is a TWO STORY carousal that they have at PIER 39, you have nooooooooo clue how enthralled I was buy this!!!! Of course I had, HAD too ride on the second story!!!
My sister didn't wanna ride an actual WE"RE TOO OLD OR SOMETHING...whatevs...not my issue!!! Hee, hee!!!

You know why I like cotton candy???
Cuz it's FLUFFY...DUH!!!
And into China town...

We met up there for dinner with THE CHANGS!!!
Yellow watermelon...this stuff is BOMB!!!

Hanging out with the Changs...
Gelato and stuff...Oh yeah...that's my people...
Italians really are THE BEST COOKS...
Jus sayin!!!

♥Mary Frances :)
One more VAYCAY post from this summer and then we're DONE!!!