Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Absolutey NO SHOPPING!!!

Soooooo after the wedding, while we were vaycayin in the bay, I happened upon of a very disturbing moment in the middle of down town San Fran!!!
 I saw this sign below that stopped me DEAD IN MY TRACKS
I read it as, NO SHOPPING AT ANY TIME!!!
I read it and I think I literally gasped out loud!!!
Like, OMW, did Stultz put that sign up special for me??? And how did he know I'd be walking by at this very moment??? This is sooooooo weird and honestly...kinda CREEPY!!! And they're gonna tow me away if I go shopping too??? Where do they take shoppers to? Is there like some kinda shoppers prison??? How could this sign be real???  I stepped back, blinked my eyes and re-read the sign...
OOOOOOOOOOOOOH...that was a T, NOT an H...NO any in your car...OOOOOOH that makes sooooo much sense!!! NOT that I was planning to do any shopping or anything cRaZy like that!!! Hee, hee!!! ;)
Nope, no crazy shopping for me on this vaycay!!!
And that wasn't me that took over two hours trying to fit everything back into their suitcase when it was time to go home and ask their sister and niece to pack some of their stuff for them OR go shopping for a second suitcase BUUUUUUUT didn't because after all, that would be a completely unplanned shopping spree and INTENTIONAL SHOPPING ONLY FOR THIS SISTA!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!
♥Mary Frances :)
P.S. Please don't judge WHOEVER'S suitcase that was...remember, he who's NEVER SHOPPED can cast the first stone!!! :P