Thursday, October 31, 2019

So for a fun little hobby, I write reviews on Yelp for places because I love exploring restaurants, festivals and anything new!!! Soooooo I'm super excited because I got nominated by Yelp for something special...
I made it to yelp elite status...

 without actually trying I'm in!!! 
Sooooooooo normally people nominate themselves to become YELP ELITE, buuuuut I had noticed that the reviewers that were YELP ELITE had like 100's, some even 1000's of reviews written and I only had like 35ish written so I was like, oh there's no way I have enough written yet!!! Buuuuut I was contacted and notified by the yelp community manager about being nominated and if I would accept!!! 
They said I was chosen because they noticed in my reviews all of my descriptive words, my humor,  my tip-giving advice, my details, that I was informative,  and gave constructive honesty, also my enthusiasm and succulent pictures!!! I wasn't even trying to become YELP ELITE, I was just being ME and having fun while going on food adventures and exploring my city!!! 
This means I get a special badge in my profile and invites to free events to test new restaurants, see exhibits, festivals, museums and stuff!!!  Annnnnnnd for some events, which are complimentary, I'll be able to RSVP with one guest!!! I'm sooooo stoked!!!
You can read my reviews HERE 
♥Mary Frances :)