Tuesday, November 12, 2019

The Color Run 2019

This past Saturday, November 9th, I FINALLY got to do the ONE RUN I've been dying to do..
So every half a mile you run through another color zone and get color chalk all over your clothes...it's sooooooooo AWESOME!!!! The Color Run always suggests wearing white, buuuuuuuut it looks a lot cooler on all BLACK!!!!

The theme of the color run is that it's the HAPPIEST 5k on the planet, soooooo they don't time you!!! They let you out in waves of a few 100 at a time, by the time I had almost crossed the finish line, the last wave was going out!!! So I'm not really sure what my time was cuz I accidentally turned off the fitbit walk thingy...but the best I can figure it was about 50ish minutes!!!

 Look at my beautiful gold UNICORN medal!!!


It was a blast and next time I'm taking O with me!!!!
I'm going to have a tutu and unicorn headband!!!


♥Mary Frances :)