Thursday, December 17, 2020

Merry Mary Moments!!!

Soooooooo after the hiking shoe fiasco, I finally found the perfect crossbody duffle bag for my sis to take on trips!!! She had told me she really wanted one like mine, BUUUUUUT in her style!!! I found THE PERFECT ONE on of course, AMAZON!!! It was striped with floral, kinda has a Kate-Spadish look to it without the Kate-Spade Price!!! LOL 
Weeeeeeeeeeellllll I told my niece I wanted her to wrap it for me and then I hid it REALLY GOOD, so my sister would NOT be able to find it!!!!! 
I'm in my room, MY CLEAN ROOM, getting all my Christmas presents together for the next day and I can NOT find the duffle bag I got for my sister!!! I'm looking all through my closet and literally tore my once clean room apart, till it looked like a tornado had swept through it!!!! 
I couldn't believe it...
Hid her present so good, 
EVEN I couldn't find it!!!
I was literally FREAKING OUT!!! WHERE IN THE WORLD HAD I PUT IT!?!?!?! At that moment, my sister and MJ came home and tell them that I can't find my present for T!!! So MJ just looks at me, and she says, it's in the living room... 
I was like, WHAAAAAT??? How did it get wrapped??? She's like, YOU told ME to wrap it, SO I DID!!!! I was like, OOOOOH, I told you that?! I thought I had hid it!!! 
Classic Merry MARY Moment!!! ;)
♥Mary Frances :)