Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Needed Hiking shoes!!!!!

Last year, I just couldn't figure out a really cool gift to give my sister for Christmas!!! Well she came to me one day after shopping Christmas sales and says, she needed new hiking shoes...sooooo blah, blah, blah!!! I didn't bother listening to the rest of what she said!!! I pulled up Amazon prime app on my phone and ordered her some hiking shoes!!! and VOILA!!! like magic, my Christmas present dilema was solved!
The next day I was walking through her room and see a BRAND new pair of hiking shoes in her room!!! I was liiiiiiiike seriously T, you just HAD to go get a new pair of hiking shoes??? You just COULDN'T WAIT till AFTER CHRISTMAS???
She's just like, what are you talking about??? I'm like, THE HIKING SHOES!!! After you told me yesterday that you NEEDED a new pair of hiking shoes, I ORDERED YOU SOME FROM AMAZON!!!!
She's like, WERE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME YESTERDAY??? I told you I got some yesterday!!! I'm like, NOOOOOO, you said you NEEDED NEW hiking shoes, so I ordered you some! She's like, NO, I said i had needed new hiking shoes, SO I GOT SOME!!! I was like...OOOOOOOOOH!!!!
It was a very 

♥Mary Frances :)