Thursday, February 27, 2020

Seattle Bound!!!

Sooooooooo come March 13th, my sister, MJ, Odin and myself are flying out to Seattle to see the sights, explore the city and try lots of good food and drinks!!! On my list I have:
Mount Rainier, 
Selfie Museum, (No clue who's idea that was;)
The gum wall, (Must have picture here, blowing a HUUUUUGE bubble!!!)
Chihuly Garden and glass, (I read in the reviews this place is sooooo beautiful they actually got tears in their eyes...I'll let you all know IF I start crying!!! HA!!!;)
Starbucks Reserve, (I see they have canolis there!)
Does anyone else have any sights that I just shouldn't miss??? I'm  not really into museums unless its something really amazing or intriguing, i'm more into action sights, natural beauty, shopping and food...jus sayin!!!
NOW for the food and drink places:
(Meeting up with some old friends here!!! Woooohoooo!!! It's been YEARS!!!)
The Crumpet Shop (IF only so I can finally know what it means in the song, Little Miss Muffett sat on her Tuffet, eating her crumpets and whey!)
Fat's Fried Chicken And Waffles(4.5 stars on yelp!)

Right now i'm really into macarons, boba and pretty latte art!!! IF anyone has any suggestions for must sees, or eats that i'm missing, puleeeeeeeeeeeeze let me know!!!! Charelle, from The Inspired Prairie blog says the only foods she can recall her state being known for is Almond Roca and Johnny seasoning, if anyone thinks of something else, please let me know!!! You know how I am, I want to experience everything native to where I go!!! (Aside from their pot!!! HA!!!)

Weeeeeeeeeeeellllll I realize this is a HUGE agenda...buuuuuuuut...IF your going anywhere with NOT expect to sit around and relax...unless your ok with me just going off on my own, cuz I sooooooooo will!!! I'll even get up early to go out exploring while everyone else sleeps in....I just like to enjoy and explore it all!!! 

Now the big question IS: 
What city is crazier THE BAY OR SEATTLE???? 
We shall see, WE SHALL SEE!!!