Wednesday, March 4, 2020

My official diagnosis!!!

Soooooooo if you know my nephew Odin, he very freely tells everyone that he had Autism, and he will then ask you, what you have!!! Hi, I'm Odin, I have Autism and so-so-and-so has Downs Syndrome, what do you have?! Before anyone can get offended I just shrug my shoulders and say, heeeeeeeyyyy we're ALL SPECIAL, some of us just MORE THAN OTHERS!!! ;))))) 
Well in the past, O has asked me what I have and i'm always like, IDK O, you tell me, WHAT DOES AUNT MARY HAVE???
Well the other day, Odin officially gave me my diagnosis of WHAT I HAVE and it's soooooooo fitting!!! So he's sitting in the hallway playing and he says something to me and I say, Ok seriously SOOOOO RANDOM! He says, no it wasn't! I'm like, YES IT WAS!!! He's like, No aunt Mary, I'm not random you are! I'm like, NO, you are!!! He says, 
NOOOOO Aunt Mary, I have AUTISM
 When he said that I just busted up laughing because it is literally THE MOST ACCURATE diagnosis of me. I am soooooooooo random!!!! We could go in conversation anywhere from, outreach and lost souls, to I wonder who potty trained Adam and Eve???? Then on to, OMW! last night I dreamed it was raining fluffy puppies!!!! 
Sooooooooo there you guys have it,
Soooooooooooo what do YOU have????;)
♥Mary Frances :)