Saturday, May 30, 2020

A big bride!!!

Generally speaking, when we hear that a woman is engaged, we NEVERRR say to that bride-to-be, weeeeeeelllll I hope you get BIGGER before your wedding day! You NEVERRRR hear a bride saying, I WONDER just HOW LARGE I can get before I get married. It doesn't matter WHO she is, a woman is ALWAYS working on looking her trimmest and best before her wedding day! YET, I heard someone just the OTHER day say, "We want the bride to get larger!"
Your probabley thinking, what in the WORLD??? Who would say THAT??? And juuuuuuuuuust WHO'S bride is this??? I'll tell you who's bride this is, Its GOD'S BRIDE!!! This past Sunday our pastor preached about witnessing and reaching the lost. After altar call, one of the men ended the service and he got up and said to the church, "we want the Bride of Christ to get larger!" When he said that I just couldn't help but LAUGH!!! Of course I was THE ONLY one that quite saw the humor in this, BUUUUUUUUT its just soooooooo FUNNY TO ME!!!
 Jesus is coming back for a BIG BRIDE!!!! And NOT only is she just a BIG BRIDE, He wants his bride to get BIGGERRRRRRR!!!! He wants to her to get LARGERRRRR!!! Dare I even say, He wants her to get FLUFFIER!!!  BAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Jesus doesn't want a skinny bride!!! I'm just like WOW... Totally an in AW moment for me!!! Liiiiiiiike Heeeeeey Jesus...i'm RIGHT HERE...MAR BEAR...I'll be your fluffy bride!!! Come and get me I''m READY FOR YOU MY BELOVED GROOM!!! hee, hee
Oh man, that's what's soooooooo AWESOME about Jesus, he doesn't think like us humans...He thinks like GOD, because HE IS GOD! And if God wants a big bride, Lets see just HOW MUCH BIGGERRRR we can get the Bride-Of-Christ to be for her groom!!! How big can we get her??? Lets challenge ourselves to help His bride get larger!!!
Annnnnnnd just in case your wondering, that's NOT by eating an extra Big Mac tonight, or buying that donut and Starbucks in the morning, in fact getting the bride BIGGER may have to come through us skipping a few meals in fasting, adding in some extra prayer, excercising by our streets to knock doors and doing whatever it takes to add souls to the church!!! It comes by reaching the lost!!!
Help His bride get bigger,
"... Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest." (John 4:35)
♥Mary Frances :)