Saturday, May 2, 2020

Happy Saturday!!!!

13 Coronavirus memes to entertain you while you're in isolation ...
AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! Remember those word problems in school you'd get like, Jenny had 100 gallon jars of mayo and Stephanie used 5 and a half and Robin added 1/4 of a jar, how many gallons does Jenny have left??? And you'd be sitting there like SERIOUSLEY??? and your teacher would be like, ONE DAY, your going to need this!!! And your just sitting there liiiiiike, at least use something like PEANUT BUTTER!!! WHY SO MUCH MAYO???? Or if your gonna say may how about we try to find out how many sandwiches Jenny made with it???
Well, we are currently living in STORY PROBLEM TIMES!!! Mary could NOT buy any flour or baking soda cuz the dude from the story problem GOT IT ALL, how many loaves of bread is the story problem dude gonna make??? Also, how much weight will the story problem dude gain from all the bread he is eating???
And all you teachers can just say, YEEEEEEEEEESSSS, I'm finally right!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAA!!!
♥Mary Frances :)