Tuesday, August 11, 2020


In the world of food, IS IT POSSIBLE to be SMARTER THAN CHICK-FIL-A????
One would think NOT, buuuuuuuuuuuut I, Mary Frances Ginty, have outsmarted them!!! Recently, CFA came out with a new summer drink, the mango-passion-fruit, lemonade, ice tea!!!! This drink is absolutely phenomenal!!!! It is refreshing and delightful to one's taste buds! (ESPECIALLY after waiting 5 hours in their drive through line!!! 😝)
HOWEVERRRRR, Imagine my absolute horror over ordering a LARGE and they hand me a small cup, AFTER THE 5 HOUR WAIT, and i'm like, ummmm, sir, I actually ordered a large! OH, we forgot to tell you, we only serve our specialty drinks in a small! I'm liiiiiiiike, Oh...okaaaaaaaaay... I mean, it's only a 120 out so lets crank out smaller drinks and charge MORE for them too!!! GOOD IDEA CFA!!! 
Sooooooooooo my good friend, Jen Lord, who is actually the one that told me about this drink, told me that the CFA in Dallas does sell a "large" in this drink, buuuuuuuut it's only slightly larger than their small because it's the specialty large cup. Soooooooooo i'm like hmmmmmm....how can I work this out???? 
Is it possible to be smarter than CFA???
I ordered two "large" mango-passion-fruit- ice tea lemonades WITH NO ICE!! Then when I got to the window and they handed me my drinks, I asked for one large cup of ice too!!
I poured one of those drinks into the large cup of ice and it filled that baby RIGHT UP!!!

Annnnnnnd this sista was HAPPY!!!!
THIS IS WHAT SMARTER THAN CFA LOOKS LIKE!!! I were talking, and she said, really, we could PROBABLY make this drink ourselves, it's just an Arnold Palmer-half ice tea, half lemonade, with mango-passion fruit syrup...I'm liiiiiiiike, hmmmm...WHERE DO I GET THIS SYRUP??

♥Mary Frances :)