Tuesday, March 2, 2021

February 2021!!!

Duuuuuuuuuuuuuude I can't believe the second month of the year is ALREADY OVER??? Apparently, Joe and Kamala got over their, "We're going to do a immediate nation wide shut-down as soon as we take over." annnnnnnnnnd It's looking like a lot of Church conferences are happening this summer!!! Whose going to Heritage???
Got my "Buisness" bank account started for my latest endeavor!!!
Sooooooooo my sister makes these AMAAAAAAZING cherry muffins!!! I'll share the recipe in another post!!!

See my Valentine hoody????
Met up with Tori for an EDITORIAL meeting...I still have to tell you guys my latest project!!!
BOB-Best Tax guy 👦 everrr!!!
These two besties!!!
MJ broke her thumb-EEEEKS...she's already better by now though!!!!
Okaaaaaaaaay go to HiHi donuts and try their spicy jalapeno ham and cheese crossaint warmed up----sooooooooo soft and DELISH-I don't reccomend anything else though! Call me a boba snob buuuuuuuut, it's just not cutting it and neither are their donuts!!!! Oh wait, THEIR breakfast sandwhiches are AMAAAAAAZING too!!! They make them fresh, like everything right in front of you!!! I really think they should specialize in sandwiches over donuts, Jus sayin!!! ;)
New Asian place by our house-Steamed BBQ buns is the only thing I tried buuuuut they were BOMB!!! Found out my sister in law can make these!!!! I'm like, WHAAAAAAT??? Why have I NEVERRR had one????

Loving the face mask Skin Balm Apothecary 
This Apostolic sista has a really great line of skin care products that I highly reccomend!!! Check her out HERE!!! Instead of being tempted to COVER up what God gave you, TAKE CARE of what God gave you!!! 
Wow, 14 years ago...

Completely loving the motto at this coffee shop...while I write-FUEL YOUR STORY is their motto, sooooooo perfect for a writer!!!

Little cutie Patootie!!!

After my defensive driving class, I SHOULD NOT have taken this picture-jus sayin!!!

Kids choir!!!

Have I mentioned that I LOOOOOOOVE this kid!!!
My sister got this cinnamon latte from Cracker Barrel-I still can't enjoy coffee after Covid-it's sad buuuuuuut has forced me into learning some amazing tea recipes! Not drinking coffee- It won't bring me down, it will only broaden my awesomeness in food!!! 
Chicken BLT at Cracker Barrel, T and I split this and highly reccommend it!!!
Happy Valentiene's day!!!!

Handsomest date everrrr!!!!

Funniest play everrrrr at Hale Theatre!!! Over-the river-an Italian Family themed story line!!! HILARIOUS and soooooooo accurate!!!


The chicken loverrrrs!!!

The most Italian looking brother!!!


I may or may NOT be responsible for a wrapping paper war after Juliana opened her pictures!!!

Look my cup matches my outfit!!! Yes, I match my cups!!!
Frisbee day at the park!!!
Auntie Date 📅 
Auntie Pay day-the kids KNOW when I get paid
 and that I spoil-Starbucks!!! 🙄
Monday nights=Bible study nights with MY GIRL!!! 
Oh is sooooo proud to be holding the baby!!!!
Which one is MORE ME???

Raspberry oranges- AMAAAAZING!!!!
GIrl next to me was soooooo like, OH I always do that for EVERYTHIGN the teacher was teaching us about driving!!!! I'm like girrrrrl puleeeeeze, if your such an amaaaazing driver you wouldn't be here!!! you got a citation for something just like the rest of us!!!
Awwwwwwwww I'm soooooo glad she's back!!!
I told her i'm soooooo proud of her for wearing African clothes and being proud of her ethnicity, back in the day I told her, YOU NEVERRRR would have put them on, and they look sooooooo gorgous and classy on her!!!! 
Little Adel!!!
She's literally bringing this little girl for me, her friends daughter, cuz I asked her to get me a chocolate baby!!!! For realz!!!!! 
Buuuuuuuuuuut I want one for KEEPS-not for BORROW!!!!
Ash and Jestina
This Sunday, we had our FIRST Building Fundraiser and it was a blast and turned out great!!!
And Sister Amy is doing such a great job with organizing it!!!! Sometimes you don't realize HOW UNORGANIZED you naturally are, UNTIL you're around someone that's naturally super organized!!!!
Text from the church text messenger-
wonder WHO that could be!!! Hee, hee!!!😆😇
Roast THIS SUNDAY with Bishop Sister Abbott and Sister Denae!!! Woop, woop!!!

Excited to see WHAT all March has in store-I feel a St. Patrick's day race in my heart!!!! Hope they still have some openings when I get paid!!!!! Hee, hee!!!