Friday, April 9, 2021

Ginty news!!!

You guys, I have some absolutely HUGE and exciting news!!! As of May 13th, 2021, there will be two NEW GINTYS!!! ONE BOY AND ONE GIRL!!!!

My brother Abe and his wife Grace are FINALLY officially adopting my niece and nephew, Kyle and Chelsea!!! We have all waited a really, really, really, REALLY looooooong time for this to become a reality!!!
The process was going on and on and on and one day, during Friday night prayer meeting, Kyle raised his hand asked Pastor to pray that they would be able to get adopted. ONE WEEK LATER, they got the good news that they would be able to adopt them!!!
Buuuuuuut they weren't given a date so since then we've still b
een waiting and waiting and WAITING!!! Then last week my brother took his family to Chili's to eat and he told Chelsie to pray for their food before they ate. So she prayed for the food, then randomly said, and that we will be adopted SOON!!!
They got the email from the state letting them know the date of the adoption!!!! Oh to have the faith of a child when we pray!!! Some people wanna make sure an adult prays for their prayer request, I'm like, NOOOOOOOOO JUST LEAVE IT TO THE KIDS!!!! 
                                    We gotta have faith like these kids!!!.
I'm just over here like, HEY about you pray for...