Sunday, May 2, 2021

Eyes 👀 on Sister Mary, puleeeeeeze!!!

Soooooooo today in Sunday school, i was trying to teach the kids and their eyes were just VERY ROAMING around the room at everything!!!!
Soooooooo im like, hey guys, eyes on Sister Mary!!! After saying this a few more times, i paused and was just like,  HEEEEEEEEYYYY YOU GUYS 👋....
WHY it's soooooooo hard for you all to be keeping your eyes 👀 on me is literally beyond my comprension!!!
I mean 1st of all it's ME, Mary...second of all check ✔ out my hair and 3rd of all...hellllllloooo MY OUTFIT!!! 🙃
Weeeeelll this really busted the kids up laughing, buuuuuut they did pay better attention to ths lesson!!! 
We all have our way of getting kid's attention an mine are very Maryish!!! 😊 buuuuuuut hey if it works...🤷‍♀️