Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Foods i will NOT eat!!!

Soooooooo I loooove food and being adventerous with food! Food Adventures are MY THING!!! PBJ Burger? Krispy Kreme Burger? Fruity Pebble French muffins? Avacado fries? Grilled Cheese French Toast? I'm ALL OVER trying funky, wild foods- BUUUUT there are just some things that are NASTY!!! Ive tried to overcome some things that I wouldn't eat as a kid, like carrots and I have! or Matcha- because the health benefits are sooooo good for you- and if you get the ceremonial grade and make it RIGHT, it can besoooooo good.... buuuuut there are some things I just can't overcome!!!
1. Mushrooms πŸ„ I've really TRIED buuuuuut I just can't like mushrooms-they just taste all fungusy!!!
2. Baby corn - they just look and feel gross in my mouth
3. Sushi 🍱 Can we get any nastier than fish??? YES, how about RAW FISH???
4. Poke - can we get nastier than raw fish??? YES! a whole bowl of raw fish!!! I picked up a delivery with postmates at a poke place the other day and I was liiiiiike, sooooo what is poke anyways???? The lady said the best way to describe it is sushi in a bowl! I was liiiiiiike OH! It totally smelled like an aquariam in there- which is NOT A COMPLIMENT!!! Not an aquariam or zoo person! LOL 
5. Seafood in general - all together, this includes EVERYTHING!!!
6. Seaweed = I mean whats the point???
7. Weird animal body parts- blood and guts were NOT meant to be eaten, liver, turkey neck, chicken feet, pigs feet, intestines, brain 🧠, menudo, tongue πŸ‘…, eyesπŸ‘€, eggs πŸ₯š that aren’t chicken, pig uterous- WHY??? JUST WHY WOULD YOU... WHEN THERE IS BACON πŸ₯“???
8. Tofu - nope just give me meat!!!
9. Blue cheese- this stuff is SICK!!! WHY MOLDY CHEESE when there is parm, riccotta and provolone???? 
10. miso-Miso sad to tell you I don't like! LOL
11. pea protein - Whey protein is a million times better!!!
12. over easy eggs 🍳 with the yoke all runny!!! Sooooo sick!!!!
What are some foods you wont eat??? maryfranceswriting@gmail.com