Monday, May 10, 2021

Annnnnnd just like THAT...

The Bible Study Denae and I started doing on Monday nights with Jestina, grew from ONE STUDENT...

to FOUR!!! 

             Ain’t that just like the Lord!?!?!

Sista Jestina, Sister Leslie, Sister Kate and Sister Slinky!!!! 

They’re liiiiiiike Mary you just took that picture to get your out fit, I’m liiiiike naw girls, that’s a HORRIBLE picture of me....really bad angle... perfect view of my acne... etc...

IF I was taking a picture FOR MY OUTFIT...

you guys, I’m soooooooo in love with this outfit!!! You guys think that pic is cute but really it doesn’t do it justice cuz you can’t see the little cherries 🍒 on top!!!
I stopped at my brother’s before Bible study and my sis in law was like, YOUR OUTFIT!!!! It’s soooooo cuuuuute!!! Where are you going??? I’m liiiiiike Bible study girrrrrl!!! 
Jestina was like, Girl who you getting dressed for??? I’m liiiiiike, YOU GUYS!!! Duh 🙄 annnnnd maybe myself!!!😘😇 

favorite moments tonight: 1. I said yeah I’m going to church ⛪️ 4 days a week now, we’re making the Mormons seem lazy!!!! 2. I was thinking our Bible study can just keep growing at the end of the year we could do something really biiiiiiig... liiiiiiike a Bible study on the beach... in HAWAII!!!!
Yeeeeees  sister !!!