Thursday, May 6, 2021

Mary Reccomends!!!!

If you remember my post from August 2020, you'll remember I was telling you all about how amazing the CFA seasonal lemonade was??? Refresh your memory HERE Anywayz, Wendy's has a new equally amazing drink that is sooooooooo refreshing and delicious!!! 
I present to you all...
You guys, this drink is sooooo delicious and refreshing on a HOT AZ day in May!!! 
Annnnnnnnnnnnd the good news is that a medium is ONLY 2.69!!! The large is only like a dollar more and like twice the size...I will have to say though, that the large cup is kinda looking...I know it doesn't really matter...buuuuuuuut i like drinking from cute things...I KNOOOOOW...I'm WEIRD!!! Hee, hee!!!
They also have strawberry lemonade that is such a pretty color...annnnnd passion berry which I have not tried yet!!! Supposedly these lemonades are all natural which I find hard to believe buuuut whatevs!!! I asked the girl at the drive through which she reccomends and she said she actually prefers none of them and likes the un natural one from the soda fountain- which is minute maid and NASTY- I'm just sitting there like, wow- your going places sista-Keep drinking that un-natural junk!!!😂
Go get your drink and tell me what you think!!!!