Sunday, June 13, 2021

A Mountain Apart Camp 2021!!!

Weeeeeeeeeeellllllll, AMA 2021 was pretty amaZingly AWESOME!!!!!!!
I DID manage to actually pull off the SURPRISE to Anali!!!
We pulled up and I see Anali talking to Dawn and Tyler and I like start walking over and she doesn't see me, then I see her second glance at the church van, then she keeps walking, then she looks back again...starts to glance away, then SEES ME...annnnnd I'm liiiiiiike, SURPRISE!!! It was sooooooo AWESOME!!!
The only people I had told that I was coming from New Mexico was Sister Devi Foster and Jenny Smith...and THANKFULLY they both kept the secret for me!!!! Devi said though that Anali was kinda questioning her earlier in the day buuuuuut she didn't let on!!! LOL Jenny said she almost slipped but managed to cover her tracks!!! 
Soooooo I'll start by saying sooooo thankful AMA was back this year, last year all I could post was a THROWBACK POST!!!

We got to stay in the BRAND NEW DORM ROOOMS 
They were literally soooooooooo niiiiiiice and spacious!!! They had AC, a huge bathroom and shower that were seperate from each other and lots of shelves and stuff!!! We were like, we're soooooo staying here every year from now on!!!! Ooooooo annnnnd a HUUUUUUGE MIRROR! I'm like, how does camp of a huge mirror but nOT   my hotel room???
Driving there...
O trying to do tricks like Judah with his fidget spinner...

Me and Kenzie just couldn't stop laughing cuz we're waiting in line at McDonald's to go to the bathroom and this lady comes out of the next open stall and one look at her and I was NOT sitting down after her! AND NEITHER WAS KENZIE!!! We kept offering the stall to each other!!! BAHAHAHAA!!!
Sister Abbott had wanted us to try a different place than the usual places on the way to camp, which I was down for  cuz you know i looooove food adventures, buuuut one look when we pulled up and pastor was just like, NO! We ended up at Wendy's across the street!!! LOL
Me and Daisy THE ONE NIGHT she came!!! Love ya girly!!!
Me and little Jenny!!!
Sorry guys-she's MARRIED!!! But the other ones NOT!!! ;)

The beautiful Sacramento campgrounds!!!

The girls Kayaking

Paddle Boats!
Us watching the entertainment of paddle boats- I'm sooooo glad Janellie Bean gotta come this year!
Every time I would tell someone who Janelle was I'd be liiiiike- we were in the youth group together and we RULED THE CONFERENCES back in the day!!!
Jenny with her beautiful hair and adorable baby Rayden!!!!

Beginners roller skating!!!

Odin rode a horse!!!
Janelle being a good mom!!!! LOL

Abby and Lucy-Besties!
Joe being a good dad!!!
                                                        Dawn being a good mom!!! LOL
Her daughter is ADORABLE!!!
Dawn and Tyler are our official AMA couple-like they met there, started talking, got married and now two kids later...remember our late night talks in the dorm room??? When Devi was the dorm mom and the knocking on the floor to the boys rooms?! LOLOL
Falling and just smiling every time like falling was the funnest thing in the world!!!

us all just chilling in the snack bar area!!!
See in the above pic Pedro has his ping-pong paddle,πŸ“ apparently you can only win if you have your own paddle...LOL...Soooooooo every year AMA has a ping-pong tournamentπŸ“and every year either Ryan or Devin have won, buuuuuuuuuuuut this year they ran the tournament instead of playing annnnnnnnd we had a new winner...soooooooooo I wasn't actually watching the tournament because I didn't even know where it was, buuuuuuuut Bro. A. Foster announced it at dinner annnnnnnnnd he said that he happened to know that this was a life long dream of the winner to win annnnnnd it was Philip Foster!!! Soooo from the blog here is a medal πŸ†πŸ₯‡πŸ“

Choir prActice!!!

Alan was NOT excited to be meeting his Aunt Mary for the first time!!! 
I was liiiiiiiiiike WOOOOOWWWW----your sooooo acting like your dad the first time we met!!! He wouldn't even look at me!!! We're standing in the line waiting to be let in at the CC banquet and I'm like, Hi Joe! Hi Joe! Hi Joe! And he wouldn't even look at me...buuuuut he was stuck with me for a friend!!! Then we finally bonded at AMA that summer over his meat shirt!!! Remember that shirt Joe? Then it was a sealed friendship when I introduced him and Stultz to each other that summer at Heritage! My amaaaaaZing line was hey you guys would be great friends, you have A LOT in common, YOU EVEN BOTH LIKE THE SAME GIRL....oooops...buuuuut really you guys should be friends!!!
BUUUUUUUT... after a HIS DAD he decided to warm up to me too!!! 
KINDA!!! I'm liiiiike I'm not going away sooooo you may as well just like LOOOOOOVE your AUNTIE Mar Bear!!!
Dude this kid is too light to be 100% Mexican!!!

Mr. Shy-Sooooooo ADORBS!!!!
                                                            Mr. Shy's BIG SISTER - with her Aunt Mary!!!

Annnnnnd THEN here is his sister...his opposite...
someone has to take after Anali!!! LOL

Annnnnd you guys this picture doesn't even fully do it justice!!! Alina Velez was sooooooo HILARIOUS!!! She actually did a full twirl around at one point in choir!!! Sister Perry was like, I bet you wish that was you up there!!! Then afterwards I'm telling Joe, and he was liiiiike, I was ACTUALLY thinking the same thing durning choir!!! I was like, HEEEEEEEy there's a reason God gave me a BEHIND THE SCENES TALENT-HE KNEW what I could and could NOT handle!!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!

Me "teaching" Odin to roller skate!!!

Church services were AMAAAAAZING!!! 
The presence of God would just sweep through and linger!!!

Baby Rayden meeting the horsie...
Then daddy putting him on the horse...
Annnnnnnd he just grabbed on to the horn like he was born t!o ride
Which resulted in his dad saying he needed a horse...his mom ironically wasn't on board with that idea!!! HAHAHAHAAAA!!!!
Sister Lugo riding the horse-see your famous now sister!!! :)

Look how tired I was!!! It was because I got liike NO SLEEP the night before! For some reason when I'm out of town I like get insomnia and can NOT fall asleep, then when I FINALLY DID, i woke up to Odin letting out a blood curdling scream, which freaked me out, made ME wake up in panic mode SCREAMING AND SAYING JESUS! JESUS!!! My sister was like what in the world??? Apparently, a moth had flown across Odin's face!!! πŸ™„
then it took me another hour to fall back asleep, then morning prayer a few hours later!!

The water bottle stacking challenge in line for dinner-aparently this kid had a flat head! LOL
The official camp announcer!!!
AMA just wouldn't be the same with announcements from Bro Foster!!!

Odin quoted a scripture-I was soooooooooo proud!!!

Teddy, an adorable, sweet kid!!!

Saying goodbye to Jenny and Ryan and 

Pedal cars πŸš™ 

Making friends 

Trying to repack my suitcase-not working out to well!!!

See the beautiful braid Liz did in my hair???See Joseph, I AM GLAD she married you-cuz who'd be doing my hair at camp if you hadn't??? LOL I looooove this braid that liz did in my hair...last time she did it was at PCC in 2014!!!!

Me and Alan are pretty much besties now!!!
One last pic with Anali before July!!!

Me and Violet!!!
Tuesday night goes down in the books - I literally laughed soooooo hard I almost peed my pants  SKIRT!!! "Roaches are of the devil- if you freeze them...if you freeze them...if you freeze them...if you freeze them...No Mary tell us..buuuuuuuut I just couldn't get it out of my mouth cuz I was laughing so hard.....ahahhahahaaa- Heeeeey whose church do you go to anyways???
Then Violets husband, Bro. Eli comes walking in like, what are you guys laughing about and how can anyone even be laughing without me around! Buuuuuuut we just couldn't explain it to him!!! Bro. Eli is literally one of the funniest people I know, he's made it to the FUNNIER THAN ME LIST and theres only like four people on that list!!! LOL So he sees me at dinner the first night he's like, HEY I thought Anali said you weren't coming?!?!? I was like, I surprised her! He's like, yeah I asked her if you were coming and she said no and I was like, MAN SHE'S STUPID!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Then at lunch the next day he was asking if we're going to Jr. Camp and I was like yeah for some of it! and he was like, So are you REALLY GOING or are you gonna surprise us again and NOT GO???? AHAHAHAHA!!! No we really are going for a day! My sister said we're driving up for the last day then spending the night!
Look Sister Lugo, NOT ONLY IS HE HANDSOME, he's a really good dad too!!! ;)
Me, Rocky and Baby Errow! The running joke at camp was that the only two people that came back to AMA two years later without a weight gain were Dawn and Rocky! Had the babies and didn't even gain an ounce of fat- buuuuuut the rest of us were kind enough to gain it for them!!! We're really all such unselfish people!!!
And it's confirmed, IF no one else goes to the Arise Conference in September, The Ginty's, The Velez's and Rocky and Fabian are going!!!(Sorry, I forgot your guys last name!) We literally pounced on poor rocky when she said she didn't think they were going! Then Fabian walked by and we pounced on him!!! He's like, no we are!!!

Annnnnnnd the ride home- the boys slept for a whole hour and then were up and HYPERRRR!!!
Yes, that is Judah with a whoopie coushon, it lasted a whole 5 minutes before it popped, buuuuuut because of it I have a new nickname, Mary Blare-y!!! Soooooooo Judah is setting off the whoopie cushion and is like, SISTERRRRR MARY!!! So being me, I just smile and say, sorry boys!!! Well after about 
5 minutes of this, Wes Karlson looks up from the back seat and says, OH, it's a whoopie cushion, I thought you were REALLY doing that Mary!!! I was liiiiiiike WOOOOWWWW!!! We were laughing sooooo hard!!! Then like an hour later I was like, to Joe Karlson, do you think your brother really thought that was real or was just saying that to be funny? and Joe is like, NO! HE THOUGHT IT WAS REAL!!! Which got us all laughing again and the whole Mary Blare-y!!! 
The boys being angels!!!
Driving home for like 5 minutes and the boys are like, So Mary, did YOU see anyone of interest at camp??? I'm liiiiiiike EVEN IF I DID, as if I would confide in YOU GUYS!!!! 11, 12, 15 and 16 year olds!!! They're like, OH THAAAAAT MEANS YOU DID THEN!!!πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„
Soooooo the boys were doing these rubiks cube challenges and like getting them done in 30 seconds- on the way to camp, then it started on the way back!!! I was like, you guys I'm no longer impressed!!! Even though I couldn't do one in like a year, i'm still not impressed! If you wanna impress me make an M pattern on your rubiks cube! They're like, ooooh thats sooooo conceited!!! I'm like, your only saying that cuz you CAN'T!!!
Well two of them took me up on the M Challenge!!!
I can't remember if this was Chris or Joe Karlson that did this M!!!
Whose do you think is a better M???
Ill give the winner a blog medal!!!! LOLOL
The trip home was pretty hilarious!!! The boys kept me very entertained! My sister was like, you realize that as long as you laugh they're gonna keep doing stuff, I was like I know but I can't help but laugh its sooooooo dumb buuuuut FUNNNNNNNYYY!!!!
All in all AMA was amaZingly awesome annnnnnd FUUUUUUNNN!!!
Favorite preaching-It was actually the devotional Bro. Perry did!!! Of course all the preaching was good, but I think that particular devotional was probably what I needed to hear the most! It was about praying for people and being willing to have a burden for someone. Not begrudging someone that God gives you a burden for, but being willing to take their affliction on ourselves like Christ did for us on the cross and that none of us would be here today if someone had not been willing to have a burden! 
That really hit home for me because especially when its not just a lost soul that has never known God, but a peer or loved one leaves or is struggling and not doing what they should be, and your so weighed down with a burden for them you can almost start to just begrudge them...liiiiiiiiiiiiiiike, I CAN'T SLEEP at night, I have hives, anxiety,  because, YOUR BEING AN IDIOT!!! but no, we need to be willing let God give us a burden for them! God if you want to wake me up in the middle of the night to pray for them, WAKE ME UP...I'm willing!!! 

 Favorite preaching line- When Bro. Brown said, "Lets take a trip in the imagination station..." I was liiiiiiike, YEEEEESSS!!!! I can literally remember every time a preacher mentions Adventures in Odyssey in a preaching message at a conference!!! Bro. John-John Lambeth at WCC said, "Hello, My name is Kris" with his amazing Brazilian accent(Its Brazil right???) and Bro. Hood at PCC in 2014 made reference to Wooton being his favorite character!!!
Kid's favorite message- well they all had different favorites but the most popular one seemed to be, "Defined by the word of God" by Bro. Flowers!!!
Favorite meal-No bad meals buuuuuuut the brisket night for sure won!!! and that mac and cheese with it was just GLORIOUS too!!! Duuuuuude this camp you GAIN weight because the food is soooooooo good and plentious!!! 
Morning after camp I rolled outta bed at 7 am!!! Later my sister was like, WHY would you have gotten up sooooo early??? WHo gets up at 5 am when they don't have to??? Plus, you have no where to go because your car is getting fixed!!! I'm liiiiiiike, buuuuuuut I DID SLEEP IN, til 7 am...and I DO HAVE SOMETHING TO DO...WRITING!!!! There is always writing and blogging for all my amazing readers!!!! Hope you guys enjoy this because it's taken me since Thursday night to finish!!!