Monday, June 14, 2021

Book Sneak peak!!!

Heeeeeeyyyy I thought I would give you all a sneak peak of the logo Celia, my illustrator is doing with Series logo...CHECK THIS OUT!!!!!!!

Delicious Adventures With Nona

Annnnnnd THEN with color...duuuuude check out the crossaint in that D-Liiiiike it loos sooooooooo GOOOOOOOD i could just bite right into it!!! I'm sooooooo impressed with her skill!!!

Soooooo in one of our first meetings, Celia said I needed to decide on my lettering style and she was showing me different things, and while they were all very skillful...I just had something else in mind buuuuuuutwasn't sure it was actually a good idea...buuuut I figured I'd just throw it out there...Im like is it possible to do the lettering out of food???
Thankfully she loved the idea and said she could do it....buuuuut she said it would be better NOT to do ALL the letters cuz then that would be TOO MUCH...thats why she's perfect for the JOB- takes my ideas but doesn't let them get OUT OF CONTROL!!!!
What do you guys think??? AmaaaaaaaaaaaZing with a capital Z????
email or text me!!!

♥Mary Frances :)