Saturday, June 5, 2021

Mary News (Part 3)

I let Celia read my story to see if this was even something she was interested in illustrating for and she LOVED IT!!! And was immediately on board whole-heartedly with the book!!!!
She was like, you have an...
I was liiiiike, I know, I know, I need one!!! She was like, cuz although I love all of it and can't think of one part I actually don't like, it IS A LITTLE LONG...for a kids story!!! She's like, it just needs condensing and I actually know the person for the job, she has an English degree and all the stuff and she ACTUALLY WANTS to be an editor...(Btw; I'm paraphrasing...I didn't record our actual conversation! We may have even been texting...LOL)
I'm thinking...
The One and only TORI PATTON!!! 
BTW; Tori is ALSO single brothers...late 20's as well
She's probably wishin right now she had access to editing MY BLOG...buuuuut she doesn't!!! Hee, hee!!!
She'll ALSO be at Heritage...JUS SAYIN!!! ;)`
Once again I was unsure...sooooo I already was friends with Tori...which made me less sure if I should use her for editing...You know business can taint friendships...weeeeeelll we weren't that close... sooooo I figured whatevs... buuuuuuut after meeting up in person...

Tori helped take out about 2,500 words...AHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! She's quite talented at CONDENSING...she's like...You know you can say the same thing like this...I'm liiiiiiiike...OOOOOOH...
I know, I know, and you ALL KNOW, I can be a bit wordy!!! ;)))) 
Editing Mary's writing is NOT a job for the weak!;)
Annnnnd there were quite a few scenes ommited out! Tori was like, it's actually really hard because some of this stuff you said is really funny, I'm liiiiiike YEAH, buuuuuut... it's a kids book and their attention span is like 5 minutes max!!!! Hey when the book is published, maybe i'll post some OMMITTED scenes for the story...they'll really make you laugh!!! 
Btw: Tori also has a really great testimony!!!! Hopefully we get a chance to share it more in depth sometime buuuuuut... Basically I've kinda known her for years...I was actually REALLY friends with her big brother GLEN PATTON...Whose Married to Valerie now...THE VALERIE who was the one who told me about Celia!!! Anyways, Glen was in church really good and he would say, pray for my sister, pray for my family, pray for my sister etc...AND WEEEEELLLLL long story short, God answered a big brother's prayers and now she's living for God and editing my book!!! 
Then Tori was like, I don't want you to think I don't like your story if I change stuff around or take something out! I'm liiiiiike girrrrl it's fine!!! That's how it is in professional writing!!! I wrote for my college paper for several years sooooo I KNOW the routine! You write and the editor fine tunes everything!!! I will NOT be offended!!! 
Does my editor have any faults??? I think ONLY ONE!!! Yeeeeeessss....I'm going to say it Tori...She does NOT listen to ADVENTURES IN ODYSSEY!!! She doesn't even know WHO JAY SMOUSE IS!!! Bahahahahaaaa!!!
This was Tori's text to me AFTER reading my blog post,
Where I may have spoke a LITTLE out a turn an put all NON-AIO fans on blast, I get THIS TEXT FROM TORI!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
I gueeeeeessss I'll make an exception for my editor!!! ;)

If anyone feels it in their heart to pray for God to heal her of this ONE INFIRMITY...I would greatly appreciate it for her!!! 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇
AYWAYZ, I'll end by saying... TEAM EXCELLENCE was born!!!
What is team excellence??? Find out part 4 and THE END of Mary news!!! Really...this was going to all be ONE POST!!!! AHAHAHAHAAA!!! ;)))